Friday, March 11, 2011

Abraham: Letting Things Happen


In bliss and on my way out of town for the day. Got hit between the eyes (think shaktiput) by a passage from some Abraham I listened to yesterday. So, I have less and less to say lately and will just pass on this passage and a link with very little explanation. I trust that those who seek this information will not only find their way here, they will understand what is published here is an offering that could sweep them into the Vortex. So, here is the excerpt:

"We can allow ourselves through practice of releasing resistance to be that broader perspective (of Source energy)...and when you begin walking around in this physical body, this perception will give meaning--quantifiable, measurable feelings of expansion-- to that nonphysical energy that is tangible and understandable and even something that can be conversed with others. But the source that is you is having all of those experiences too. When you feel thrilled, when you feel love, it is because you have rendezvoused with Source. Source isn't faking love. When you have that feeling that moves through you, you've rendezvoused with the way Source is feeling right now. And the reason that Source is feeling it right now is; better stated: the reason that you are feeling Source feel it right now--did you get the distinction--the reason that you are feeling Source feel it right now is because in that moment you have created the circumstances and you have established the rendezvous point for the expansiveness of that which is Source to have that moment in time of love. That is really why we are all in this together, you see. We are all in this together. You are not here as puppets on a string; and you are not here as unworthy-trying-to-become-worthy appendages of that which is Source. You are Source in physical body focused with the deliberate intention of exploring and expanding. We cannot find, no matter how we focus upon that which you are, we cannot find separation between that which is you and that which is us. But you find it occasionally and you don't feel good when you do."

And here is the link to the YouTube video from which this is excerpted:

And for even more deliciousness, find out what Abraham says about deadlines:

I have started really enjoying naming my own tiny URL's so that I can keep track of the amazing material I find online. A shout out to my son for turning me on to Evernote about a year ago. I'm just beginning to appreciate the power of this amazing program that syncs notes from your phone to your computer and vice-versa. It's a wonderful tool for organizing all my Abraham links and excerpts and info I want access to at any time. I'm also in love with my Android--the Samsung Vibrant--because it is so fast and so beautiful and light and, well, I'm just appreciating.

Oh, and when you listen to the deadline video, just know that I have made a decision, like Jerry did, to just quit trying to make things happen and just let things happen. My life in the last month has been leading me to that decision and that video was just the push I needed. 

Get into the Vortex and then......