Friday, September 9, 2011

Abraham: Who We Truly Are

Roses I manifested as evidence of my alignment. They showed up in a shopping cart at Winco one hot afternoon. Wilted though they were, they survived the shopping trip, and my 90 minutes at 24-Hour Fitness. Did you know that if you cut the stems of wilted roses under running water, they can come back to life like that rose in the middle (which represents me, I'd say)?? I learned that  tip from a Portland matron who owned a restaurant where I worked in the seventies. Thank you, Colleen.

September 9th
I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful I feel right now! It's a bit of a paradox, really, because I woke up experiencing physical symptoms that most would interpret as a classic I'm-coming-down-with-something situation. I started to take that road so well-trodden by the herd:

I focused on the kind of discomfort I experienced and where it was showing up in my physical apparatus.

I shared the information with fabulous partner to elicit sympathy.

I classified and categorized the symptoms and fished out a diagnosis from the sea of terminology identifying "illnesses" that most of us recognize and believe in.

I began calling it by a well-known disease name.

I joined, temporarily, those who believe in the germ theory and focused more strongly on the symptoms. The symptoms worsened.

And then I remembered who I really am.

I remembered that when I don't feel well physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally, it is totally my own creation. 

I remembered that by the time something manifests physically, it is because I have ignored the call of Source repeatedly and did not take the expansion that contrast offers me. 

I remembered that a physical manifestation means that I am not keeping up with who I really am. As you read through this post, which I began long ago, you will see the genesis of the knowing that I recently received that allows me to rejoice over a set of symptoms that remind me that I am a powerful creator. 

One Abraham analogy that recently came into focus for me is "Yuma to Phoenix". Fundamental, modest--elegant, really, yet I just wasn't getting it and I knew it. I looked at it from many angles and finally came up with my own method of interpretation. I plugged in the names of my town and the town 50 miles north that I visit often. Bingo! I finally got that I believe in Portland every time I begin that journey. I don't question it because I am completely confident that Portland is there and that my car and I will arrive every single time. It's just a done-deal. That is faith. Based on that faith, I make the trip and I get there. 

Okay. So do I really believe that I can be or have or do anything that I want? The answer is YES because I have been in the Vortex and I have glimpsed what's in there. I hear the call of Source every day and I answer that call regularly enough to know from inside the Vortex that it's all in there waiting for me. It's just that when I'm outside the Vortex I stop believing in Portland and now I see how funny that is. Portland is there. Portland is real, or as real as anything gets. I have faith in Portland. 

At one point I sat with the "faith" sensation and experienced it in my body. I tracked the sensations of "faith". I remembered that action alone means nothing--it is faith in the outcome that makes me confident enough to take action. I am almost constantly offered opportunities to make things happen in my own life. I take the ones that seem like sure things and up to now have hesitated when I'm not sure how it will turn out and when I begin second guessing. "What will people think?" is a thought that underlies much of this second guessing. 

So today when I turned up "sick" in my here and now, I decided to ignore the symptoms, get into the Vortex and to take no action until I found those sensations of faith. I decided to listen for the call of Source in an attitude of self-love, relaxation and confidence that I would know exactly what to do. Results: 

WOW! I got totally inspired. I've been wavering on some action steps for one of my goals. I made a decision and lined up with it and saw the steps laid out for me. I spent roughly an hour "doing" and when I wanted a break, I took one. You knew, didn't you, that I went to YouTube where I discovered another amazing Abraham excerpt. I then felt inspired to finish this blogpost and here we are, Co-Creators. I'm going to have faith that these inspired words I've written over the last few weeks will resonate and I'm not going to do any more fiddling. I'm confident you'll all find your way through the post without any further explanation. I love you all! Enjoy. Here's today's link:

Wednesday, August 24th
I have been in and out of the Vortex recently. In on a number of subjects consistently and out consistently on others. I also find I'm in and out on different aspects of the same subjects. For instance, I'm head-over-heels in love with my new kitchen. It's so gorgeous and it is such a reflection of a side of me that many people didn't even know was there. I love vintage and funky and artsy and weird. Ethnic, colorful, Bohemian, crazy, and wild are all tags I've used to describe my artwork and the merchandise that I sell and they are truly a reflection of who I am. But we are multi-dimensional brilliant creators, don't forget. We have the ability to conjure anything. When I was dreaming this kitchen, I let the stream carry me in a whole different direction. My kitchen is retro-modern with very clean lines--almost all of them straight. In fact, the curves are few and subtle: the handles on the appliances are all arcs; the cabinet pulls are comprised of cylinders; the glass tiles feature curved edges; the bullnose on the counter tile curves, and the faucet and the fan sport curves as well. It's elegant and very calming and much more minimal than anyone expected, I think. I am totally in the Vortex about how the design turned out and about how wonderful the space is to work in. And because it is so clean and spare, I've spent a significant amount of time doing Step One work--worrying, in this case--about what to move back into the space and what to leave out. I manifest amazing and beautiful possessions because I love clever gadgets and time-savers, appreciate beautiful design, adore bargains, and love to try new things. These treasures appear constantly and delight me. When we moved out of our old kitchen, I did a lot of de-manifestation and found it to be challenging at first and then a lot of fun. I've let myself be very slow about moving into our new space so that I could watch how I do things and place necessary objects in wonderful, convenient locations. Fabulous partner has also been busy creating and our house and garage have new roofs. Every project has a host of sub-projects and those things have affected kitchen progress. So, I'm in the Vortex about the look and feel of the kitchen. I'm in on the subject of working in my kitchen. And, aren't I precious, I've been out on the subject of what goes and what stays. 

Today was the first day in a long time that no one and nothing needed my direct attention. No contractors or workers with whom to consult. No appointments, no unavoidable errands and fabulous partner is out of town. It's an unusual kind of day for me--I've been a busy person for months and months, it seems. I chose to laze about and meditate in my bed this morning. I basked and appreciated the heck out of the temperature, the late summer sun, the bedding, Abraham, Esther's voice and pleasant thoughts of upcoming visitors whom I love and adore. I listened to a podcast as I ironed in the still-cool morning. I eventually wandered into a breakfast of cappuccino and figs picked from our backyard tree. I pre-paved on the subject of getting ready for guests tomorrow and decided that I would fiddle around with my pantry organizing project. That pre-paving included a lot of self-love. It's funny to me that I not only worry about what others think of me, I worry about what I think of me in regard to owning material objects. 

It got hot today and I decided to work as slowly as I wanted and to take a lot of breaks so that I was constantly entertained by the process. I loved sorting through items and finding new locations for some things and new homes for others. I took a lunch break, watched some TV and then I got very excited by the idea of checking out my YouTube subscriptions. I had built up a backlog of delightful videos to watch. 

Yes, I felt a delighted anticipation of what I would find there. No, I did not expect to have my world rattled quite so vigorously. How can one prepare to learn (be reminded, to be more accurate) that the reason we love Abraham so very much is that we ARE Abraham. My thoughts recently led me to the realization that those who call themselves Abraham comprise any number of those dead ones we love and admire and even revile. From close personal acquaintances (Hi, Mom; Hi, Roland) to those most wise or wicked we know only through studies or passions, perhaps, the Abraham amalgam might contain John Lennon on Tuesday and Buddha on Thursday night. Such pleasant thinking, that. Yet there I sat all goose-pimply, listening as Esther's voice delivered me the message that Infinite Intelligence chose for me that day:

"That which is Abraham, which is predominantly from the label Abraham, projecting from nonphysical is now focused in those like you, in those like Esther, in those like Jerry. In other words, you are the physical manifestation of that."

Shut the front door!!! Okay, maybe you all out there are saying, "Well, I knew that. We are physical beings with non-physical roots, so of course we are Source energy, which logically implies that we are Abraham."

Okay, so I'm behind the curve a little maybe, but I just wasn't up-to-speed on this little tidbit. Abraham goes on to say, 

"We want you to not work so hard at understanding the separation and make your effort toward allowing the blending."

They go on to speak about contrast in a delicious way. I actually sat and transcribed a section of the clip because it took me several times through to embody those concepts. This is vintage Abraham brought to us by Dave of homebuiltindoorplane yet again. Much love and appreciation to Dave for the steady delivery of...., of...... ME to ME, I would have to say now that I understand this. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I love being Abraham. Here are the links:

In addition, you've got to check out this amazing film that Nick from Great Britain is putting together. He does an Abraham/LOA meetup in London and I absolutely love what he's doing. This preview I found to be delicious, practical, entertaining, exciting and I've already expressed this to Nick, whom I've admired since I first encountered him through YouTube and through his podcast. Geewow, I think you will love this, too:

through Oh, and while I was tracking down that link, I found a second preview, which I am including sight unseen. Since I am in the Vortex and milking it right now, I KNOW it's gonna be good:

As you can see from the date on this entry, I began this writing long ago. It is now two weeks later roughly (who's counting, though, since time doesn't actually exist) and I thought I'd like to post today. This is fabulous partner's birthday week and we celebrate tonight and Saturday night, too. I Vortexed a really cool creation which took many hours and which delighted me and pleased him very much. My inspiration for this piece began with a YouTube video in which an artist made her own large tags and created contrasting hole reinforcers from patterned paper. I wanted to try that. On a recent Artist Date at Scrap (a recycled craft supply warehouse in Portland on MLK btwn Stanton and Morris, if you're interested), I came across some cardstock stickers I would usually pass up. I got them thinking they'd make a nice card for my guy's birthday. As often happens in my studio when I'm creating for someone I love, the project snowballed into a tagbook with enclosures. I painted, punched, glued and stamped. I solved problem after problem I created for myself and my neocortex buzzed and basked its way through hours. I ignored the phone, the cat, and most of all, time. Time is infinite in the Vortex and energy flowed through me in huge abundance. So today I felt a little groggy until I sang a bit and tweaked the tag book enclosures and puttered in my studio and rode myself right back into the Vortex, which eventually landed me here writing once again to you lovely and wonderful and brilliant creators. Aren't we fabulous? 

Here's what I made:

This is the tag book showing the pocket side and the inserts. 

This photo shows the stickers that inspired the project. The stickers are large so the tag book is about 6" long. I altered the stickers with paints and inks and did the same with the background papers I used. All materials are recycled bits and pieces I have picked up along the way.

The scrapbook paper I used for the inserts came from a book of papers from the early 2000's. I love altering outdated or discarded materials. Fabulous partner really appreciated the color palette and the movement in the paint finishes. He liked the fact that I was totally in the Vortex when I made this for him.
Me, too!