Friday, December 31, 2010

Abraham-Nearly New Year

I loved having painted fingernails in Venice.

I've been staying up really late to blog this vacation. Late like 2AM and today I slept until 9 and I WOKE UP IN THE VORTEX! I mentioned the videos by homebuiltindoorplane on YouTube in the last post and how they swept me into the Vortex. I listened to this one right before I went to bed:

He wants to feel relief, plus Abraham slams it home (Part 2 of 2)

and I basked  once I got into my bed. By basked, I mean I just experienced the pillow, the comforters, the sheets, the wonderful mattress, etc. I reveled in being physical, really, and then I went to sleep. When I awoke and realized I was in the Vortex, I basked some more and then put some soft, comfortable clothing on over my wonderful silk long underwear that keeps me so warm. I had a quick glass of water and headed to my meditation station, which is an overstuffed chair situated between two tables filled with books, notepads, writing implements, and other "supplies" (a bell, a candle, crystals, a music box, a mirror, glasses, Post-It flags, highlighters and an array of decks of angel/well-being/inspirational cards from several sources including Abraham). I love this wonderful space in my living room that is charged with beautiful energy. I did my meditation and I started a focus wheel. I got as far as the 8th statement and I was solidly in the Vortex and milking it. I spent time in there thinking about my friends and family and seeing them through the eyes of Source and just loving all of them.

By then it was getting to be 10 AM and I decided I'd make my green drink and listen to the Abraham video again. This was the first time I'd used red kale with the cucumber, celery, apple, lime and ginger and it made a really pretty drink that I wanted to photograph. When I retrieved my camera from my art bag in my car the screen looked odd. I think my camera was frozen and the pictures looked very ghostlike so I didn't get a good shot. I started to worry about my camera but decided being in the Vortex was more important. My camera is fine, by the way. 

I listened to homebuiltindoorplane's video (his name is Dave!) several times and basked in the content. There are so many things that Abraham is saying that have already happened to me. Since starting the blog, I've noticed that my body feels wonderful. If I get an ache or a pain, I focus on an area of my body that feels good and the pain subsides or disappears. I have energy and stamina. Staying in the Vortex is getting easier and easier and I am having a lot of fun. Being out of the Vortex is uncomfortable because being in is so wonderful. I also listened to another of Dave's YouTube offerings, which is about a healer named Bruno Groening:

This is one of Dave's personally narrated videos and it is very cool. 

I got to the pool just in time to squeeze in my 45 minutes of in-the-Vortex exercise and felt just wonderful afterwards. I listened to an Abraham CD (the Money book) in my car as I bopped to the pool and made other stops. Abraham responds to Jerry's questions on this CD and the subject was work. Abraham says that the purpose of life is joy and that if we stay in the Vortex and enjoy our lives, anything that we want in the way of work must materialize. Very inspiring. Recently I heard a great analogy on this same CD about being in alignment and in the Vortex. It went something like this:

Imagine that you're running down a very long corridor to get to something that you really want. Every 20 feet or so, there's a door that you must slow down to open and run the next 20 feet and so on.  This is life not in the Vortex. If you're in the Vortex, all the doors are opened before you reach them and you just get to sail on through as fast as you want to go.

Everywhere I went tonight, people smiled at me and chatted me up. People like the wonderful boy in the pool who was playing with his little brother. The lovely blonde woman pulling into the parking space next to me. The clerk at the video store was jovial. A fellow customer at Big Lots and I had a long Cuttlebug, paper, sticker conversation. The cashier shared her falling-in-love story with me.

My fabulous partner and I took a walk in the very cold evening weather after a light dinner and that's when I began blogging. It's a few short minutes until 2011 and I am psyched because I've been in the Vortex for the entire day basically. I slipped out a couple of times and remembered from the homebuiltindoorplane video that examining any negative thought or emotion is something that can be accomplished in a flash. And since my dominant intent is to get back into the Vortex, that's what I did. An A+++++++++ day times at least 5 today. Happy New Year!!!

Abraham-More on Focus Wheels & Homage to YouTube's Homebuiltindoorplane

Beautiful laundry hanging in the Venice neighborhood near our hotel. 

What a thrill to be able to say that I have continued to meditate and do focus wheels (or something similar) each day since I started the Vortex Diary. Yesterday, my first statement just wasn't really coming right to me. I decided to get out "Ask And It Is Given" to review the focus wheel process. I knew that the statement in the middle of the focus wheel should reflect the feeling you are reaching for, but it was good to look at the book and to note that it's helpful to be aware of your present feeling state. The process was originally intended to be done in a feeling state that falls somewhere between boredom and anger on the Emotional Guidance Scale (found on page 297/Ask And It Is Given). (Note: In the newer Vortex of Creation workshops, Abraham talks about doing focus wheels in the Vortex or closer to the edge of the Vortex.)

Here are some ideas I found very helpful:
-Through our experiences, we come to believe certain things.
-The beliefs we hold keep us in a particular vibrational pattern.
-This vibrational tone disallows us from accessing the things we desire.
-We often defend our beliefs, by saying, "But it's true," even if the beliefs don't serve us.

Okay, here's what I often forget:
Anything that has manifested into a "physical, tangible, definable truth is because someone has given enough attention to it to make that so.....and just because someone else has managed to create their truth, it does not mean that it has any relationship to you or to what you will create."

And whatever your present reality/life experience it's not that way because it's an undeniable truth, "it is because in your attention to it, you have achieved vibrational harmony with it, so the Law of Attraction brings a matching experience to you."

It's so basic to the teachings of Abraham, yet I forget this all the time. The promise of the Focus Wheel is that you can practice thinking yourself into a better-feeling place and reset your vibration.

Once you've found your statement for the middle of the focus wheel, you're looking for a thought that is just a little bit beyond your current vibrational setpoint. Why? Because it's a better-feeling thought than the ones that hover around your current belief. Remember, we're bridging beliefs with the Focus Wheel. And a better-feeling thought brings RELIEF. So your statement will be: a.) general b.) soothing c.) one that you can believe.

Here's where 17 seconds and 68 seconds comes into play. You think that soothing thought for 17 seconds to begin attracting more thoughts like it. In the book, Abraham suggests staying with the thought or amplifying it or finding a memory related to it. Now it doesn't say this in the book, but I heard on a YouTube video recently that if you think that soothing thought for 68 seconds that you actually reset to the higher vibration of that thought!!!!

After reviewing the material, it was easy to identify my feeling state as pessimism. Now it wasn't a strong feeling of pessimism, it was inklings of it, but it was definitely there. So as I reached for optimism statement by statement, I decided to actually time myself. One of my timers is always set for 2 minutes because of the Self Myofascial Release work that I do. Hmmmmm, I thought, when I figured out how fast even 68 seconds went by, if I just keep the timer set for 2 minutes, I'll be pretty darned sure I'm resetting my vibration and how cool would that be? Well, it was marvelous. I found that by amplifying the thought, I got big waves of relief with each statement and by the time the half-hour or so it took for the process, I was pretty blissed-out. In fact, I had a teenage houseguest and I was inspired to blast some Busta Rhymes to wake him up, which blissed him out.

Then tonight as I was contemplating writing this post, I decided to listen to some Abraham on YouTube. I got swept into the Vortex listening to the newest videos from homebuiltindoorplane. The second video was the total package for me, because it just confirms what I've been experiencing since deciding that being in the Vortex is THE most important thing in my life. Here are the links:

This guy does an amazing service to the Abraham community with the steady stream of excerpts that he posts. If I've heard a particular workshop before he gets a segment of it on YouTube, it will invariably be something that struck me as an extremely noteworthy piece.  He has a wonderful website:

He also has a really cool forum where Abraham folk can share ideas and hear what others have to say. That link is:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Abraham-Milking Being In the Vortex

This is a picture of a lovely doorway I passed on my way to the market in Venice. It is located on the Zattare, which is a waterfront area that runs along one of the big canals.

Today, I'm excerpting, as close to verbatim as I can manage, a section of an Abraham YouTube video. Abraham is responding to a request from a European woman to talk about a new way of looking at economies. This segment was really lovely to me because I woke up not in the Vortex today and even though I have a lot to accomplish, I stubbornly decided to make getting into the Vortex my main priority. Then I puttered instead of diving into cleaning; instead of eating a breakfast that was good for me and that I "should" eat to stay healthy, I nibbled on foods that I love just long enough to take the edge off hunger; I wandered about letting the joy impulse guide me. I hung around in the Vortex milking the feeling (emotions and sensations) of being in the Vortex. Here's the funny thing, my visitors called to say they'd be an hour late, which gave me time to sit down and listen to Abraham on YouTube. Here's the golden nugget I found that brought me even more joy:

The success indicator is joy; the success indicator is that feeling--it is an emotional mood; it is a feeling of alignment; that is what success is, you see. And so we think it is a lovely, lovely thing that in this economic time that feels like upheaval and maybe even crisis to a lot of people, where the problem, the problem, the problem is being amplified that the solution, the solution, the solution is framing up too. It is the forerunner, it is the prepaving of more people realizing that it is the joy that they've been looking for all along anyway. And that in the discovery of it then all of the trappings have to come with it, too. Everything that everyone wants, whether it is a material object, whether it is a pile of money, or a relationship or a circumstance or an event; everything that everyone wants is for one reason and for one reason alone. They think they will feel better in the having of it. And so in an economic climate that feels out of control, or even in an ecological climate that they are telling you is out of control, when do you think most people are most likely to finally, once and for all, new-frontier-like to give up, to give up that attempt at control? It's when it finally occurs to them that it's too big to control. I cannot control that (X3) so larger and larger numbers of people are giving up that fruitless, never-would-work-out-anyway effort at control, and in giving up control, they find themselves in alignment with all that they've been asking for. We think that you've cued yourself up for the perfect economic success, for the perfect emotional success.

In other words, sometimes people worry that, oh, Abraham is getting so non-physical-like in their verbiage that maybe they just want us to give up all of our physical trappings and just come into this airy-fairy non-physical, non-tangible vortex of creation; maybe they're just trying to lure us into non-physical and away from the tangible stuff that is physical. And we say, you don't have to give up one for the other. But you'll never get what you want in terms of manifestation until you've made this Vortex--this vibration of reality your top priority. And when you do, success will flood in upon you in all manner of speaking. It will come in every subject; it will come from all directions, it will come everywhere you turn. Everywhere you turn, ideas that inspire and delight you will be there. People that you can love and who love you will be there. Money and trappings and things that bring you pleasure will be there. Business and commerce and -resources will be there. In other words, clean air will be there; good-feeling friends will be there. All that you seek, all that you've held dear, all that you've carved, day-by-day, bit-by-bit as you've sifted through the contrast out of your lives that you've put into your vortex, all of it will not only be there for you, in terms of manifestation, it is there real time, present tense for you now. You've just got to figure out how, day-by-day, thought-by-thought, mood-by-mood, to get in there.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Abraham-Portland Beer Santa

At the end of yesterday's "Twelve Hawks of Christmas" and finding ourselves in the ever-beguiling Parking Space Number 12, we paused to chortle and bask for a time in the warm light of the Vortex. ( I am not a natural-born chortler---I've learnt it from my beloved partner, whose entire family chortles and snorts to indicate amusement.) Thus refueled by merriment and appreciation, we set off on yet another leg of our journey.

"Ahoy!" I cried, only blocks away from Number 12, "It's Santa on a tall bike surrounded by his green-garbed elves."

I slowed down to laugh and whoop (a chortle would not have done this sight justice). Then, whomped upside the head by a thunderstroke of inspiration, I rolled down my window and hollered to the merry band of cyclists, "Can I get a picture!?!"

Not understanding the request, Santa rolled right past us roaring, "M-e-r-r-r-r-y-y-y Christma-a-a-a-a-s!"

"Ohhhh," said we, our voices moving down the scale for mere seconds. For before we could utter even this short word, before we could truly feel bereaved in any way, one of Santa's elves relayed our request to the gang and we heard, "Circle up."

We lurched to the curb, scrambled out of the car armed with our cameras, and began shooting the zooming Santa posse, several of whom exhorted, "Circling! Circling!" as we (okay, maybe it was just me) whooped with laughter and screamed with delight. My partner may have been chortling--I was just making too much noise to be sure.

They looped the empty intersection several times, then dismounted to explain their mission. They were, they stated happily, delivering beer to the homeless, whom they termed "houseless" and they patted their bike bags, backpacks and bottle belts to indicate just how much beer they possessed. At this time of year, they reasoned, everyone gives the homeless socks and food and clothing, but they wanted more for the wandering ones--they wanted to deliver their cheer in a can.

"We want them to have a happy holiday," said one of the elves. Caught up in their enthusiasm and their generousness of spirit, I could not even begin to find fault with their plan, for they were as stable and as confident in their great big Vortexes as I was in mine.