Monday, January 31, 2011



Just 10 minutes before beginning this Vortex Diary I opened an email I received from my brother and got swept into the Vortex on a HUGE tide of alignment confirmation. You know how Abraham says that we don't necessarily know the how's and who's and when's of the manifestation of our desires? That if we work on raising our general vibration and begin having faith in the reality of the Vortex, we'll eventually go from hope to a knowing, which then allows us to become the genius creators that we truly are? And that manifestations begin happening almost in real time? We think it and there it is? And that really, it's a remembering of what we knew before we manifested physically? Well, that's where I am in this moment: I just caught up with who I really am and am enjoying my genius status very much (it really fun to be a genius, I'm finding).

Here's the scoop: I've been placing phone calls to my very busy brother who lives in the land of 7-foot snowdrifts back East. I've been calling him off and on for weeks and he's called me and we haven't connected. If I try to reach someone and can't and find myself thinking anything negative, I say, "I'm having a Step One Moment right now. Wow, my Step Three (the Manifestation) must be getting really big!"

He called me back yesterday and we had a short and very pleasant conversation as he and his wonderful wife set out on a walk into the snow trenches that are currently their streets. At the end of the call, he conveyed a message from my sister-in-law, saying that she missed the Vortex Diary. I told him that I would not only write a blogpost that very day, but that I would dedicate it to her, which I did when I sent out the Vortex Diary email notification to my blog readers. 

Now if you watched the second video I linked to yesterday or read that post, you know that I've been changing my approach to the Vortex. I've been waiting to be swept in and then milking it and doing my creating from inside the Vortex. I began writing yesterday's blog immediately after I spoke to my brother, whom I love as much as I love anyone in the Universe and with thoughts of my sister-in-law, whom I also love like that, so I got swept in as I began writing. I had been intending to write about that experience of those buzzing white-light dots outside my head because it had been so vivid and so profound, and these wonderful people INSPIRED me into action, which is very different than MOTIVATING myself to do something.

Sidebar: I had coffee Saturday afternoon with a beloved friend and I was explaining to her my understanding of this Abraham concept, which sharpened the concept in my mind. I think this concept is hugely important in understanding Abraham.

So I finished the blogpost and sent it off into the Universe and I felt good about it. And sometimes because I'm doing this new thing of waiting to be swept in, I get a little antsy if I'm not in the Vortex in a big way. So when I had those thoughts I'd just do the, "I'm doing that thing that I do (that disconnects me from Source Energy); aren't I precious," and move on. I puttered, watched YouTube, sent some emails, cleaned up my email and my DVR, talked on the phone, watched a movie and tv, sang, installed and played "Plants Vs. Zombies" which I got from my beloved son for Xmas, made some really good tuna with sauerkraut mixed in, played around with an RSS feed for the blog, and VEGGED! (I'm a bachelorette--my partner is out-of-state.) And when I felt really good, I'd look at the kitchen picture on yesterday's Vortex Diary and get excited about it. (I waded through a lot of "after" remodel pics for that one and it's really close to what I want in my kitchen.) Or I'd dream about some thing or experience I want to have. All from inside or around the Vortex.

And I noticed an email from my bro, but for some reason I didn't open it. BUT JUST NOW WHEN I DID........

I found a video. I started playing it. It's one of those vids with the powerful music and the still photos and drawings and I immediately began underestimating it. In fact, I used the scrubber bar to move ahead in the video and saw some words that caught my eye right at:

2:49 in the video

That's where they begin talking about changes in DNA brought about by our thoughts and emotions. I paused the video immediately and wrote my brother the following email (I'll delete and add some things for clarification):

I have been writing and thinking a lot lately about music's affect on me. Back in the late 70's when I lived in the Bay Area, I attended the Berkeley Jazz Festival several times and went to the Keystone (a premier jazz club) and saw some of the great jazz masters (Mingus, Roland Kirk, Stanley Clark collaborating w/Carlos Santana in his Buddhist phase, Jon Hendricks, etc.). And even before that I saw Stevie Wonder for the first time (around 1973) at what is now the Schnitz (in Portland, Oregon), and certain gospel music in that same venue. I would walk away from those experiences a changed person. We used to call them peak experiences and of course they were intensely pleasurable. And to put into words what I felt about the person I was after having those musical experiences I used to say, "That music rearranged my chromosomes."

And that's a phrase I've used ever since then. In fact when I was writing about the Brahms, (see Vortex Diary entitiled "Expansion Expanding") I was going to put that phrase and this explanation into that piece. I actually went online and did some research to see if that could possibly be an accurate statement, but I didn't find what I was looking for (doubt will always block a manifestation) and I did not want to put in some far-fetched idea into a piece that someone who knew more than I did might read someday (giving a rip about what anyone else thinks will also block or slow down a manifestation). So here it is two weeks later and you send me this video that confirms what I've been saying for over 30 years. I bow to you. I love you. Thank you. this email is going straight into my next blogpost along with the link to the video! You are awesome. 

Another example of lining up energy and how alignment puts the right people with the right information right in front of you and even delivers it to our inbox.

MMMMMMWWWWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (That's a big kiss from me to you and Edna!) (That's the identity my SIL uses when the 3 of us enter the Vortex together and talk like hillbillies [I use the term lovingly--I am a Mexican/Italian hillbilly from Gold Hill, Oregon, so I'm really a Gold Hillbilly.])


After I wrote this email, I went back to finish watching the video. I was already in a total Vortex Blissout when I found an illustration at the following point in the video that moved me to tears:

3:50 in the video

This is an accurate picture of what I was describing to you in yesterday's Vortex Diary. These are the dots of light I described. They're outside the skull and emanating from inside the brain. The only real difference is that I had more dots of light more densely concentrated around my skull and as I tracked the buzzing sensation I found more of these dots of light inside my body in my heart region. 

So, yeah, I don't know how to end this post because I could go on and on, but I'm getting hungry. I'll just mention that while I was writing this I had two more manifestations (one a phone call and one a mail delivery) that I had been wanting.**

So if you're wondering if it's worth it to get into the Vortex and then....

IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**And when I went looking for an image similar to the one in the video, I went straight to the actual one from the video by googling "brain waves"!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Abraham-Where Have I Been? In The Vortex, N'est-Ce Pas?

Wouldn't it be nice if....I had a new kitchen?

Almost two weeks since I've blogged!!!! And it's not because I haven't been applying the Amazing Teachings of Abraham that are expanding inevitably and rapidly these days because of the synergy of our interactions with them and because of the very nature of expansion. If you haven't been on YouTube lately, GO THERE and listen to the excerpts of the new material from late 2010. Again, here is a list of user names that I listen to, my favorites I list in italics:
david childerly (EFT tapping/Abraham combo)
PhillLOL (this guy is new to my list--lives in Switzerland and is an awesome young man)

Some of the "new" ideas that Abraham is bringing to us:
What is current reality is old news; what is in your Vortex is already created and is the reality that we can't interpret with our physical senses, but that is just as real as what we are currently interpreting. Here's something about that:
The Vortex As Current Reality:

The morning I wrote the blogpost "Expansion Expanding" about being at the symphony and being swept so powerfully into the Vortex (January 16, 2011), I had an experience that virtually blew the top off my head. I wrote that post in a wonderful Vortextual frenzy that started even before I awakened that day. Since I had gone to sleep in the Vortex with Brahms and the two Emanuels and the whole symphony accompanying me into the nonphysical where resistance disappears and we are our most allowing (that's what sleep is), I was in the Vortex the moment I opened my eyes, which was very early and very dark still on that Saturday morning. I was thrilled to be there in my cozy bed and noticed that I was being flooded with ideas and inspiration and wonderful bodily sensations and just a general giddy delight. I had so many ideas, that I reached for my bedside journal and turned on the light to begin writing as fast as I could. I had ideas for tearing apart the narrative convention in writing. I had ideas about working with kids (games to use at a high school level to teach brain and nervous system concepts, languaging to work with those kids, etc.). I was composing the piece that would become that day's blog. I could barely keep up with my brain. My wonderful partner objected to the light, so I turned it off and wrote in the dark and LOVED the process, ADORED the process and loved and adored my partner and myself and all those around me and all of creation. I was love personified and I hadn't even meditated yet that day. I decided to track the sensations that accompanied this rarefied state and found that around my upper head (my crown and forehead area) I felt a buzzing sensation. And while the sensation seemed to emanate from within, I was actually feeling the buzzing outside my body as well--almost as if I was somehow interacting with the atmosphere around me. I experienced this as tiny dots of light (hundreds of them) coming in at me and coming out of me as they suspended themselves in a kind of rounded dome outside my head. So pleasant and energizing. Oh, I thought, with Somatic Experiencing in my mind, what happens if I track that sensation? So I tracked it and found that if I concentrated on the physical sensation of those bright, lit-up, buzzing dots that then I began to feel a similar sensation inside my heart region. This was more like a bar or a shelf of the same buzzing dots, but a little closer together and inside my chest on the left side over my heart. Both sensations intensified as I tracked them and it was extremely pleasurable. By this time, I sensed that my partner was at least partially awake and I told him that I was tracking these wonderful sensations and it suddenly came to me that maybe I was actually physically experiencing intense and unusual neural activity. (At least 40% of the cells in our hearts are neurons--in other words they are another brain.) I was in a completely knowing state and a state of allowing, so I accept that information fully. I knew that this was a result of the musical co-creation of the night before and have experienced similar things in the past with other musicians in other settings, but never with this much allowing on my part. A wonderful and amazing experience, but wait, it gets better.

Ever since I've been blogging, which is, in essence, coming out into the open about being an Abraham fan and being very public about it, my life has been just one long series of synchronicities. At times I barely have time to think a thought before it materializes. For instance, just a few days after the neuron buzz, I found the following excerpt from the October, 2010 Stamford gathering CD, which perfectly and accurately described exactly what I had experienced the previous Saturday morning. Here it is:
The New Tangible Vortex:

And now an appreciative and loving shout out to all those of you who read the Vortex Diary and call me or email me or leave comments or subscribe:
You know that we are co-creating and every time one of you takes the time to communicate, it is just the gravy on the taters. I will continue writing about these experiences because I truly enjoy sharing them. 
And because of my habitual residence near or in the Vortex, I am now involved in co-creating a new kitchen for our home. I'm already experiencing LOTS of synchronicity in this process. For instance, we met with our contractor and designer one evening last week, after which I was to attend a birthday party. Just before I left for the party, I mentioned that we would like to cut costs by doing as much hands-on work as possible. At the party I talked about the kitchen rehab and another guest begged me to call her for any demo work we might have available because demo is in her Vortex. Oh, yeah!