Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Abraham: When to Deconstruct Thought

I heard, for the first time back in my 12-Step days, the admonition to stop "shoulding all over myself". The 90's overflowed with revelations to the then-nascent part of me that suspected that I am a Divine and lovable being. I began to realize that the giant flaws I perceived in myself did not actually exist. It was just that I listened almost constantly to a looping soundtrack of my own voice endlessly repeating negative statements made about me by others. I kept on hand also, a film library, showing actual footage of events I perceived to be the embarrassing, humiliating "truth" about me. I repeat this distillation of my old story today to revel in its absurdity and to celebrate its demise--and to acknowledge that all of that Step One asking made way for the joy I can feel today when I catch myself doing just a little bit of "shoulding" on myself.

The process of deliberate creation almost sounds like an action journey. And while action plays a huge part in deliberate creation, only inspired action taken while in the Vortex harnesses the power that creates worlds. I offer no further detail of the events that led me to remember to "get into the Vortex and then...."  I offer instead that which I found after I followed that Divine call of Source Energy:

Our new kitchen, currently on display in the Vortex.