Saturday, December 29, 2012

Abraham: Beautiful Contrast

I wallowed in some delightful contrast yesterday. Awareness of my temporary disconnection from Source leaked in a bit as I berated and shamed myself for actions which had caused the inconvenience I had catastrophized into the downfall of civilization. I was driving at the time and I let the tumultuous sensations fueled by the momentum of the negative emotion blossom into a big loud expletive. Almost simultaneously I noted the blue of the sky. I tried reaching for a better feeling thought, but none was handy at the moment, so I groused and yelled a little more (mostly at myself) as I pulled into my driveway. I entered my house and just as I was leaning over to place my keys back into my purse I said out loud, "I'm really having a Step One moment right now." Relief and a modicum of clarity became available and instead of holding on to the anger, I let new thoughts begin filling in my grid.  

It took some time to be inspired into action that could possibly lead to a solution. The momentum into the positive outcome needed to build a little so I waited. I had the notion that I had to be in the Vortex before I took the action but as I looked at the clock, I realized that I had just about an hour before the end of the business day, and I wanted to at least get an answer before the week ended. I pre-paved as best I could--trust me, it wasn't much--and picked up the phone. The call lasted about 15 minutes and mostly consisted of me on hold waiting for the person to research the situation. During those hold times I watched my mind manufacture more catastrophe, and found that breathing extinguished some of the negative thoughts. I would love to tell you that the positive outcome of the phone call sent me straight into the Vortex. The hour-long drama had been building for quite some time, though, and it took a little while for positive momentum to gather the oomph to lift me into the Vortex. 

In the meantime, I had an impulse to go to YouTube and find some Abraham clips. With my resistance quickly oozing away, this is what Source had to say to me:

Here's what I realized: I can always find something to catastrophize about. And while I'm doing that, I'm expanding the Universe and I'm adding to my vibrational escrow. AND I can always find something to be appreciative of even in the midst of the contrast. In fact, the images connected to the turning points in this episode--the blue sky though my windshield--my hand aiming keys at my purse on the wood floor--keep flashing through my mind. And as I see these frames from the storyboard of my life, I get a little charge. Those pictures remind me that Source is calling me even as I ride the crest of a huge wave of contrast. And as Abraham reminds us again and again as we jump out of a plane at 50,000 feet, "Don't worry, it'll be over soon."

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Abraham: Shall I Sweep My Kitchen Or Be Swept (into the Vortex)?

With the help and encouragement of an Abraham friend, I am practicing the skill of doing nothing. I know it's not nothing to practice doing nothing, but it's a leap in the right direction.

I've allowed the peanut gallery--the "they" who tell me why, when and how to behave--to upload their interactive soundtrack into my brain. If I'm listening, it means I'm out of the Vortex.  So I hear them hissing their snide remarks about how I'm not measuring up, now am I? No, I'm not I silently agree. What should I do? 

Now here's the odd thing, it's never have a nap or turn up the music and paint a picture. Instead it's, "Look at that filthy scum around the knob on the stove. Get out the toothpicks, why don't you," or "Looks like monkeys cooked in here last night. Put everything away this minute so you can scrub down the counters and sweep this filthy kitchen floor." 

I've let the peanut gallery push me around far too much in the past. That's why I practicing getting into the Vortex and waiting for inspiration. When a voice pipes up, I shush it and and go general and then find something enjoyable to think about or do. Today I decided to listen to some Abraham on YouTube. As often happens when I'm being who I really am, the Universe gave me a lovely confirmation. Waiting for me, first in line on my YouTube subscription page was this delightful conversation aimed right at me. And it swept me right in:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

ABRAHAM: Tuning Up Our Grid


The blue moon on the brink of autumn offered yet another chance to marvel in appreciation of the heavens. As we glide into the next season I also appreciate the spiritual bounty of the last. And as always, I seek the excitement of the knowledge on the leading edge. At times that knowledge is wonderfully utilitarian. The following quote from the recent Seattle workshop jolted me pleasantly this morning. The emphasis is mine:

"...As you don't make a big hairy deal out of the things that are bothering you, and add emphasis to the things that are going well, let your work, your process, be more about making lists of positive aspects and....We would move from meditating--which is the most general thing that you can do with your mind--to making lists of positive aspects--which is the most specific thing you can do about those things that are important to you. And we would move back and forth between these processes and in doing so we would tune ourselves to the frequency of our Vortex. And then we would let the chips fall where they may. We would not try to control Law of attraction. We would not try to control other people. We would make a decision that we have a singular intent, and that is to be aware of, and therefore control, our vibrational output."

I love this formula and current evidence supports its efficacy. I put myself to bed this morning around 1 AM. As I lay there, I heard women singing in my head. 

I should note that while listening to a comedy podcast two days ago, I heard a beautiful Jean Ritchie song performed by Megan Mullaly, whom I adore. "Cool of the Day" lit up my music grid and made all the next logical steps perfectly clear:

a. listen to gorgeous song repeatedly 
b. sing along with gorgeous song repeatedly
c. decide to learn gorgeous song on the spot 
d. sing song wrong
e. sing song right
d. wash, rinse, repeat

This delicious detour led to other versions of the song:

I had to stop myself just now from listening to this Kith and Kin version, which I've already heard at least twenty times.

I sang the song again and again and sometimes the song sang me, which means I'm really in the Vortex. Long story short, I had just a few things I needed to accomplish that day and I let the song lead me anyway. It meant fabulous partner and I were late for a wonderful outdoor under-the-blue-moon-birthday-party, but it was fun late, not anxious late. And on the ride to the party, I began teaching the song to fabulous partner. 

So now it's been two days in the spell of the song and it plays its beguiling little tune as background music for almost everything. And there's synergy in creative pursuits. I sing, which makes me want to play with paints and paper, which makes me want to sing, which leads to writing in my journal, which leads me to more writing. So is it a surprise that as I trundle off to bed after applying color and words to paper for hours, that these women in my head would begin their song? I let the song lead me to the computer to record the fragment. And some harmonies. And to open other audio files and record new tracks. Two hours later I slept.

All of that glorious meandering is evidence of my connection and the firing up of my positive emotional grid through music. Discovering the wonderful YouTube clip and clearly hearing incredibly practical advice directly from infinite intelligence is more evidence yet. But I do adore witnessing really clear, almost instantaneous connections between adjusting my vibration and manifestation. This morning I noticed a little self-judgement after I spent another hour on my art journal. "You could have used that time to take some pictures for your Etsy shop," seemed to be the gist of the nagging. "Art journals and singing are all very nice, but they're not making you any money, now are they?"

"Nyah," I thought as I stuck my mental tongue out at the nagger, who is, by the by, ME. And it's just a subtle little voice. Just a practical suggestion, one might point out. But those subtle, insinuations, which I picked up from somewhere else, are like tiny pebbles in my shoe. If I don't stop to shake them out, they're going to bother me with each step I take. For me that meant taking some spiritual sustenance instead of dining on guilt.

So I listened to the beginning of the clip. Oh, here's a link to the whole clip:

I reveled in the experience of vibrating in a place where I could hear Abraham so clearly. I began transcribing the words. I began making a list of things that are going well. I sketched out the picture you see above. I delighted in the concept. My phone chimed to let me know that I had an email. Not a bit surprising is it? Just the next logical step. One of my Etsy items had sold.

Special thanks to Sharron, who told me that I needed to be blogging. And thanks also to Magi Rose, who posited on the subtle nature of "that thing that we do" and got me to attend to that little voice. Next time, I won't even need to stick out my tongue, will I?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Abraham: Jerry's Beautiful Death

Since Jerry Hicks' transition into non-physical last fall, many puzzled over the fact that Jerry died from disease in his body. How, some asked, could someone who had such direct, intense and repeated exposure to the teachings of Abraham manifest a fatal illness? While I, and many others, had a knowing that Jerry's transition was right and good--perfect, in fact, I never heard nor came up with a satisfying explanation. I knew that Jerry was human and experienced resistance that might manifest as illness, but I never got far beyond that milepost of understanding. I certainly reveled in the stories of Jerry's new non-physical presence and the ways he made himself known to Esther and many others. To have Jerry join the consciousness we call Abraham seemed like a pretty incredible special feature in this movie we call life. Yet every now and then I would wonder why Jerry didn't die peacefully in his sleep. And as is always the case, when we ask, the asking is answered. And, as always, Abraham answers in the most beautiful, moving and satisfying way. Listen:

For me, life is almost richer knowing that one of the premier askers of all time is now answering. We love you, Jerry, and thank you for your magnificent contribution to our knowing.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Abraham: Pre-Paving/Back Book Correction

The new pathway.
And thanks for the lovely comments and emails.

Another beautiful day from my Vortex perspective. I am very much appreciating our slightly refrigerated summers here in Oregon lately. I am thrilled to report that I did some deep relaxation last night and my neck and shoulders are feeling grand. An extra-long luxurious sleep delivered a complex three-part triumph-over-peril dream. Many things nearly went afoul in this dream yet solutions materialized in each scenario. I awoke realigned and chipper. 

I had a chance to practice going general last night. I quickly became petulant when a subject about which I've practiced negative thinking was raised. I had already been doing a bit of sloppy thinking, so when I touched upon this subject--WHOOSH--I was in full-on activation. I made one derisive statement and instantly law of attraction provided another and another, a couple of which I voiced. After this bit of indulgence I withdrew from the conversation by saying, "You know what, I need to stop talking right now. I got very negative and I need to realign." 

In the moment I made those negative statements it really seemed I had no choice. I don't remember even thinking, "don't go there". It felt like I HAD to put my hand on the hot stove. But thanks to Abraham and Somatic Experiencing (and the myriad other modalities and methods that address brain and nervous system  function currently springing forth from the cosmos), I know that patterns can be changed. I know that the WHOOSH of activation I experienced is simply my primitive brain's beautiful 1/125th of a second hair trigger responding to a perceived threat. Many of our modern brains don't differentiate well between real and actual threat; thus we have dug many deep neural pathways for intense activation into our brains. By taking my hand off the burner, I jumped the neural groove and began firing and wiring other neurons into new patterns. I got off the subject and soothed myself with an "I don't have to think about this right now" statement and began activating other subjects. It didn't feel completely authentic, but I began by noticing the beautiful vegetation along a huge concrete wall. Then I looked at the sky and the clouds. My heart rate decreased. Muscles began to relax. Breathing slowed.

It occurs to me as I write, that the dream is a reflection of this incident. During both the incident and the dream, things looked dire initially but solutions were close at hand. Nothing like a little contrast to stir the pot, make life interesting and offer practice at being who we really are. This little incident took maybe 15 minutes. I got negative for less than three minutes before getting off the subject. My hand got a little red and there might be a few blisters. Next time I'll be probably be swifter still.

I love this Abraham clip:

**And in yesterday's post, I cited the wrong book. Here's the book I actually used:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Abraham: The Book In the Back Seat

I love birds and bunnies.

What a wonderful week this is being for me. I'm wearing shoes that feel like they were made for me for which I paid an in-the-Vortex price of $8. I've had pleasant visits with friends and family. And as I sit comfortably to type I notice how soft and supple my trapezius and deltoid muscles feel today, just as I knew they would eventually. Earlier this week those muscles told a different story and I chose to worry for a moment and blame myself for their tightness. Then I remembered that physical manifestations are the result of unchecked negative emotion and attention to contrast. I took my attention off the muscles even though they spoke loudly at me for days. I soothed myself with statements like, "I've had sore muscles before and it didn't last forever," and "I'm really excited about what I'm putting into my Vortex with this physical contrast." I focused on the many things that are going well in my life. I did self-care that even if it didn't fix the soreness was of benefit. I went about with my daily activities and stayed open to helpful information or suggestions for remedies. I've had a book for the last several months called "Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection":

As is often the case, I bought the book and put it on my reading table and left it there. I thumbed through it a few times, but never sat down to read it. My wonderful partner read several portions and gave it a very favorable review. A few days ago I threw the book into my back seat in case I needed something to read on my mythical coffee shop visit. Almost every day I think I'm going to go to a coffee shop to read a book. Almost every day I don't. But that little fantasy of mine is what got the book into the back seat and lined me (and a friend) up with some good-feeling muscles.

I went to Portland yesterday to spend time with my son and his wonderful partner and to run some errands. The three of us coffeed and dined and shopped and joked and told stories. We enjoyed each other's company for several hours and accomplished all our goals. I had one more errand and then planned to visit a longtime friend whom I had not seen in a very long time. Every so often throughout the busy day I would notice those sore muscles and redirect my thoughts if I strayed into negativity. It wasn't even that difficult, because everywhere we went, the people we encountered were above-and-beyond pleasant. We had so many lovely interactions that we ended up having a short conversation about them. I'm sure we basked for a good 68 seconds and I know that we had a high collective vibe as we parted ways. I noticed the book in the back seat as I dropped them off. 

So when I called my friend to give her an ETA and she mentioned that her back had gone out, I realized that the book being right there at the perfect moment was just part of the grid I had been establishing this week. I told my friend I had just the thing for her back and that we would work on it. I began to get a little stressed because I had lined up with rush hour but I decided to enjoy the stream of invigorating hip-hop on the new-car perk of XM radio. Jeezy, Snoop, Jay-z, Niki Minaj, Drake and Fifty Cent entertained me as I pre-paved the perfect route and some lovely breaks in traffic. I mused that I didn't have a clue what I would do for my friend, but figured that I would know what to do. I called on Metatron and Raphael for good measure and enjoyed the ride, which was quite brief and very pleasant. In my quest for things to appreciate in the 5 MPH traffic, I was treated to an amazing composition of concrete lines and curves populated by scores of automobiles. I had a we're-all-in-this-together flash that combusted into laughter that went well with the music.

I was thrilled to share my finds of the day with my friend and do some catching up. It was obvious that her back was not currently right. I had shown her the book and told her I was going to open it at random and let it lead me to something valuable. That book and I found THE most perfect spot to align with a beautiful section on deep relaxation. I read the information to myself and would have been amazed at its perfection, but I know better than to be amazed. When I am in a mode of appreciation and fun, fabulous things flow to me. I read the section to my friend and off we went.

The author, Dr. John Sarno, tells us that our back goes out on us at inopportune times because of stress. He relates a couple of stories about prescribing 30 minutes of deep relaxation to patients who reported excellent results and relief from acute pain. Deep relaxation stops the noxious loop that fear, worry and anger (negative thinking) perpetuate and that then causes us to tense our muscles.

Following the instructions in the book, my friend propped herself into a comfortable position on her couch. She lay so that there was no strain on her muscles or joints. With the lights low I began to read and as much as possible to do the deep relaxation myself as I sat in a comfortable chair. Dr. Sarno had us bring awareness to our breath and just notice the flow in and out of our lungs. He asked us to become aware of our toes, the tops and soles of our feet and our ankles. We breathed deeply, held it for an instant and then exhaled slowly. Next we moved to the lower legs and calf muscles. I used my phone's stopwatch to time about 3 minutes for each area (2 minutes is more like it). We spent 45 minutes in this altered state, and while my own muscles were still tight, I felt absolutely bouyant in all other aspects. My friend reported great relief and soothing. On my drive home I appreciated the power of establishing a positive grid where the next logical step is extremely apparent. I actually didn't notice how wonderful my neck and shoulders felt until a couple of hours after I awakened. I guess I just knew that things always work out for me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Abraham: Letting Go Of The Oars=Going General

Such a long time since I last posted. It's been a busy year and it's been a good one, too. I am reveling in the new information we are receiving through Abraham about Esther's experiences with Jerry in his pure positive energy form. It's heartwarming and lovely to hear the stories of how he communicates with Esther using seemingly mundane circumstances and events. I love the one about Esther's unplanned (and somewhat unwelcome) trip to a drive-through that lined her up with a van bearing a huge sign professing Jerry's love for her. 

And while the new metaphor of the grid seemed somewhat elusive to me in the beginning, I am appreciating its utility as a teaching tool as I catch on to it a little more all the time. I'm enjoying the expansion of the understanding of the grid provided by the questions from brilliant leading-edge thinkers in the hot seat at the Abraham gatherings. In the following YouTube clip, the hot-seater makes a connection that I hadn't really thought about. When I began listening, "letting go of the oars" was one of the phrases that Abraham used to convey the notion of letting go of trying to control circumstances and events in our lives. This clip starts out with what I think is a cool interpretation of that phrase. It's also just a wonderful clip all around:

So, enjoy, appreciate and pre-pave. I'm planning to take my phone to my room tonight so that the first thing I do upon awakening is one of the guided meditations from the "Getting Into The Vortex" CD. And before I go to sleep, I'm going to go very general as Abraham advises and sweep away any worrisome thoughts with statements like:

"I don't have to think about that right now." 
"Things always work out for me." 
"I'm doing that thing that I do. Aren't I precious?"

I'm going to look for the best feeling places in my body and focus on the hum of my being as I drift into the theta state. As I pre-pave here on the page I am experiencing a warm buzz on my skull in the area where Caesar's laurel wreath might have touched his head. It's almost like my scalp is hugging that area. Extremely pleasant. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

If you got here from a link on ArtJoyStuff:

it's because Blogger is kind of quirky sometimes when you have more than one Blogspot. My art blog is here:

Don't get too excited--I haven't posted there in a LONG time. I'm a teacher and have a wide range of interests and get very, very busy. I absolutely love to create, but when I have time I find that I would rather get my hands in the paper and ink rather than getting back on the computer. That's why I LOVE doing the swaps on Kimberly's blog! I still like some of the posts I did on my blog way back when and you might appreciate them, too. Thanks for visiting!