Thursday, June 2, 2011

Abraham: Manifesting By Pulling Back the Thoughts

This is what I manifested today.
I plan to enjoy this stove.
In our new kitchen.

I am really pumped. I spent the whole day in the Vortex. It was a very busy little day taking care of tasks associated with the new kitchen, cleaning, organizing, etc. I usually try to get dressed before the workers arrive, but today I didn't make it. I did all my cleaning in my robe and pajamas and I even wrote my earlier blogpost like that. The first time the doorbell rang, it was the paper being delivered. They had missed our house and fabulous partner had called and they very courteously brought it our way. The second time the doorbell rang, I had just published my blogpost and had done my Twitter and Facebook notifications. I was actually composing my little email to local readers, in fact. By this time, it's after 11 AM and I am getting a little self-conscious about being in my robe, but oh, well. 

Standing at my door is a man in a hard hat. Turns out he's from the local power company and he's here to tell me that in 15 minutes they're going to turn off my power. For about an hour. Wow, I tell him, I've got men in there running power tools and I'm planning to use electricity for the computer, the iron and the hairdryer. I start to go down the negative thought path and remember that I don't really have to. I hold those thoughts back and decide that I really do have time to tell the workers and do all that I need to do. In other words, I pre-paved a successful segment for all of us in this house and by George, that's what we all had. It was close enough to lunch for the workers that they could stop when the electricity did. It inspired me to get ready really fast, get out the door, go have some fun and to get back just in time to listen to the wonderful Peter Levine webcast. So, in the Vortex I stayed.

So, there I was at 3PM, happy as a lark. We had been able to align with all of our stainless steel appliances (microwave hood, refrigerator and dishwasher) and to buy them from one store, so that was wonderful, but I still didn't have a stove. Long ago, I knew that I would find my stove on CraigsList. I found a beauty a couple of months ago, but it was too soon to buy, so I let that one go. I started searching seriously again last week, but the supply of stainless ranges online seemed to have dried up. Then on Monday evening I found an incredible deal on a dual fuel range with a convection oven in Lake Oswego, a town about 45 miles north of where we live. I called and the gentleman said that he would hold it for me. It didn't look exactly as I had pictured my stove, but it was incredibly inexpensive, the right size and it just seemed too good to pass up. This gentleman texted me on Tuesday morning saying I could come after 1PM to look at the range and I agreed to do that. Fabulous partner and I made plans to drive up as soon as he got off work. I called the man's wife as he had instructed me and she told me that they had already sold the stove. I started to argue and then simply thanked her and hung up. Aha, I thought, this little bit of contrast is making my Step 3 even more wonderful than I can imagine it. My stove is in my Vortex, I know it.

Flash forward to 3PM today and me taking a quick look on CraigsList to see if any more stainless steel gas ranges have shown up. None in my town. None in Portland, the city to the north. I check in Seattle, hundreds of miles north. We're planning to visit there soon so maybe it could work out. Nothing in my price range (I have also envisioned getting a really good deal on this stove, because that's very Vortexy to me). I look at the list of cities and notice that Corvallis, a college town south of us, has a CraigsList. Completely on a whim, I click on Corvallis and almost immediately I find a listing with 3 beautiful big pictures of a stove I could love. The address is on Canyon Way, which is the name of a street in Beaverton, a town up North, not down South. I excitedly call the number. Yes, they still have the stove and yes, they are in Beaverton, not Corvallis. I'm surprised, because at the listed price, this stove should logically be gone by now. And this is a store that offers a warranty on all their purchases. I begin to think.....and I pull back the doubtful thought. I call fabulous partner, tell him about it and tell him I'm going to drive up and take a look at it. The man at the store says he will hold the stove for me and won't sell it before I get there.

When I arrive, the man I talked to has gone and the stove has a much higher price on it than the price listed in the ad. (I pull back the thought.) The man who is there takes me at my word and says that I can have it at the price I quoted. Of course he does, I'm in the Vortex. When you live in the Vortex, the Universe is on your side. Things go your way.

I noticed in the picture that there were a few scratches on the front edge of the stove. I had brought my can of Never Dull (one of my favorite metal polishes) and a buffing cloth and I tell him I just want to try to polish up some of those scratches. He takes a picture of the can because I tell him that this product will remove a lot of things from metal (rust, water spots, baked on grease, etc.) and if you want stainless or chrome to sparkle, this is what to use. I got mine at an auto supply store and I've had my one can has lasted for about 3 years now and I love it. But wait, he says, if you want to remove those scratches here's what you need. He brings out a 600 grit (or maybe even finer) black sanding sponge and some furniture spray polish. He sands out one of the scratches and now I'm in my restoration Vortex, because it looks beautiful. I purchase the stove!

By the way, I mention to him that his ad did not appear in my search of the Portland CraigsList. I tell him I found the ad by going to the Corvallis CL. That's funny, he says, we never place ads in Corvallis. I have to assume that the glitch was simply for my benefit. It was a way to reserve my stove just for me. By staying in the Vortex and then following impulses while I was in there, the path to my stove lit up. The decisions to not be annoyed with the other stove people or the electric company kept me in the Vortex and kept me in Step 3, the allowing mode. 

I drove away from the store reflecting on the day and rejoicing. I decided to drive into Portland to visit my son. I would normally just feel my way back into Portland by driving down Canyon Way. But I had my Android and its wonderful navigation programs and decided to follow their directions. Of course I was listening to Abraham--I was in the car, what else would I be listening to? I took a different route with wonderfully clear traffic and ended up stopped at a light on Williams and Shaver. Abraham has just made a joke and I was laughing. A car to my right moved through the intersection and revealed a big sign leaning on the side of the building (a bike repair shop) which proclaimed:


I could not agree more.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Abraham: Just Swept In/Coffee in the Vortex

My shadow Buddha.

Hello from the Vortex, all you lovely Abe fans out there. At one time I pushed against using the term "Abe", but that was OOV and I'm laughing about that because today from inside the Vortex, I quite like it!

This is just a short blog today. I had pre-paved some loveliness today and then received an email about a free Peter Levine (inventor of Somatic Experiencing) webcast happening this afternoon! If you're interested and can listen today at 5PM EST, here's the link to register, which takes only moments (keep scrolling to the bottom of the page):

So, I was already in the Vortex and doing housework and rearranging some of the packed-up kitchen things that are stacked in many piles in our living areas. I made more space and order and really enjoyed that. We have two lovely workmen in our home today and I decided that I fancied a cup of coffee and offered some to them. I don't drink coffee often but I sometimes love the coffee experience when I'm in the Vortex and it was absolutely lovely today. I used to drink coffee every day and sometimes extra cups to get my butt moving. Deliberately setting out to enjoy something, however, is a newer experience for me and this is just FUN!

And while I have things planned for today, I also felt the impulse to blog a little. I'm all about following impulses lately, so here I am. Mainly, I wanted to share another homebuiltindoorplane clip. I really love Dave's contributions to YouTube. He and so many others (like vibrationsrus, whom I wrote about recently: 

and who is a lovely woman) contribute so much to my expansion with the work that they do. And after listening to the following clip, I just have to claim responsibility for aligning with the information. I did that!

I was writing this morning and reflecting upon the last year and the leaps I've made vibrationally and WOW!!!!! I got a picture in my mind--a Vortex-eye view, really--of the path that lit up for me in the last year. I realized that I was able to take all those next logical steps by applying the Abe teachings, especially "Get into the Vortex and then anything else you have time for."

Some of the things that have manifested:
 -A wonderful local Meetup group that focuses on LOA and a lot on Abraham.
-The Vortex Diary
-Lovely new friends and acquaintances.
-A trip to Europe.
-A new kitchen.
-Fabulous improvements in health.
-Improved relationships w/friends and family.
-Deepened understanding of the brain and nervous system, Somatic Experiencing and many other things I'm interested in.
-A calm in my solar plexus that is blissful.
-A noticeable raising of my vibrational setpoint.

And I could go on and on. Taking stock and appreciating all that and being flooded with a list way longer is a joyful experience. I thank all of you out there for being a part of that. The synergy is very uplifting to me.

Have a fabulous day, all of you lovely physically-focused spiritual beings out there. Also, please comment or email me if you're going to the Abraham workshop in Portland on June 18th. I'm referring to the workshop that will, no doubt, rock the planet with the new frontiers of thought we will cooperatively create!