Sunday, May 1, 2011

Abraham: Words Don't Teach Me; Life Experience Does

A couple of friends from the current kitchen window sill who will be packed away while our new kitchen manifests.

If I want to know where I am currently vibrating, all I really have to do is to see what it is I am currently manifesting. It is always a match, no exceptions. And while that is very good news, sometimes it takes me a while to stop observing the current unwanted manifestation long enough to change my current pattern of thought. When I'm out of the Vortex, it seems like I can hardly remember a thing about how to get back in. Simple and beautiful things like:

-I don't have to think about this right now.

-I'm doing that thing that I do (that keeps me out of the Vortex); aren't I precious?

-I'm having a Step 1 (asking)moment; this will make Step 3 (allowing) even sweeter.

-You're welcome, Universe! (It is our asking, after all, that expands the Universe.)

-I am where I am. (Acceptance)

-17 seconds (Holding a thought that brings relief for as little as 17 seconds attracts more thoughts like it.)

-68 seconds (Holding a thought for 68 seconds resets our current vibration.)

I'm in the Vortex often enough that when I'm out lately (and this is very good news, really) I feel a little like this young woman (whom I absolutely adore for asking this question):

And sometimes it takes me a while to get back in because I am human, just like Esther:

And when I get back in, it feels so fantastically fabulous that I bless all those OOV experiences, all of those Step 1 moments, because that is how I really learn. I am also reminded how much I learn from all the young people with whom I interact in all the classrooms I visit. And sometimes I remember how much I have learned from my own son who has always had the courage to disregard so much of what I tried to teach him from outside the Vortex. The young woman in the following clip reminded me so much of my son that it moved me to tears of joy:

And it made me laugh in appreciation of what it is I used to believe about getting a job: Get up early; dress for the job; apply for every job you have time to apply for that day. When I tried to teach that strategy to my job-seeking son, he simply replied, "Mom, why would I apply for a job I don't want?" Touch

I recently had plans to visit Portland. While I was planning to have fun, I mixed into my vibration some dutiful, responsible, adult thoughts about what I "should" accomplish (shoulding all over myself). Luckily my inner being just would not cooperate and kept calling me to thoughts of relaxation, renewal, invigoration and just pure FUN. Oh, I tried to ignore the call of Source, but it was just too powerful that morning as I arose without an alarm after sleeping as much as my body desired. I stayed in the shower for a LONG time enjoying the water pouring over my head. I chatted with my body as I welcomed me back into areas I had been ignoring. I basked and dawdled and fussed over myself, experiencing almost intoxicating doses of self-appreciation. I remembered that life is supposed to be good and that it is REALLY good when you feel your way into the Vortex. Every time I had a thought about time or commitment or duty or pleasing anyone but myself, I said things like: 
"There is no hurrying in the Vortex." 
"Things always work out for me." 
"Feeling good is THE most important thing I have to do."

And when I called my son to tell him that I would be there in an hour, he confirmed that it was the perfect time for me to arrive.

Here are a few things that I lined up with that day:

-a brand new pressure cooker (instruction booklet included) for $10.00. What is remarkable is that the day before I had seen an ad for an upcoming sale on a pressure cooker. I had pinned the ad to a bulletin board in my kitchen. 
-a short visit with two amazing little folks (grandkids of a longtime acquaintance) whom I found adorable and entertaining 
-a very long conversation with a 91-year-old man whom I met, ironically enough, in the clock section of the store. 

-And when I finally made it to a favorite sushi restaurant it was packed. I signed in on a very long waiting list. I noticed that I was the only party of one and that there was one seat at the bar. I asked the waiter and he said it was their policy to make people wait their turn. I began to hear some negative thoughts arise, but I also heard him say, "It's really up to the hostess." A woman who overheard the conversation approached me and wanted to commiserate about how unjust she felt this policy was. I told her that I was going to chat with the hostess (I didn't tell her that I was also making the decision to step away from the negative thinking--both hers and mine). I asked the hostess if I could take the single seat at the bar and (you guessed it) she said, "Sure! Have a seat."


*I am going to spend some time in the Vortex thinking about how much I appreciate a consistent font.