Thursday, March 17, 2011

Abraham: Do Only What You Want To Do

Fake Flowers Can Be Beautiful

I awakened today without an alarm at 6:21 AM. I thought I had set my alarm, which would have roused me an hour and six minutes earlier, but I did so in the dark of midnight. I inadvertantly gave my body exactly as much sleep as it wanted. I was not called by the sub office. It is, after all, just two days before spring vacation, and teacher contracts disallow taking time off just before or after a break. I have some tasks that, just a short time ago, I would have referred to as "things I need to accomplish" or as "things I've got to do". Obligations, it is generally agreed by society at large, are part and parcel of everyday life. Abraham don't play that. Lately, as evidenced by the newest workshops I'm hearing via those genius creators who upload brilliantly hand-picked selections to YouTube, Abraham is reminding us why we came here. We came here as genius creators in order to experience the joy of creation and to expand the Universe and to have fun in the doing of it.

And to think I was just about to dive into my tasks without getting solidly into the Vortex! I congratulate myself in this moment because instead of diving in while not quite in the Vortex, I instead got myself right over to my YouTube channel and began listening to Abraham. I listened to a short excerpt and felt my vibration rising. MMMMMM......DELICIOUS! I let my intuition guide me to another video from the fabulous Saraksan, even though I had listened to this particular video on my phone at work already. Its title, "Do Only What You Want To Do" enticed me. As often happens when I just listen, Abraham's words and powerful vibration called me into the Vortex, and here I am, once again, speaking to you from inside. I love myself when I'm in here. I love all of you when I'm in here. I love Abraham when I'm in here. And as I milk it and bask a bit and check into my body, here's what I find:

-a soft white glow pulsing inside the front perimeter of my trunk 
-a pleasant walnut-shaped pressure at the base of my throat
-a warm blue buzz inside my skull just beneath my forehead

It's so nice in here in the Vortex. I invite you all to find your way in. It might not be this video that does it, but you'll find a way:

And here's the best thing of all. Now I don't "need" to do anything. Now I want to.