Friday, June 17, 2011

Abraham: Soothing and Loving and Feeling My Way Into the Vortex

A photo from my first shoot with my camera. I'm learning more about its operation and think I would have been able to get more detail in the worm's body if I took the same pic today, but I like it just the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, what a perfect, perfect day! This day follows on the heels of some fabulous contrast on several fronts involving the kitchen remodel which provided me with the opportunity to practice pulling back the thoughts that would stop the allowing process. When what looks like a sure-fire catastrophe, screw-up, perfect opportunity to blame someone else for what seems to manifesting in my "reality" (old news) happens now, I often am able to stop myself and say, "Hmmmm, I wonder what incredible opportunity has been created for me by this problem." I'm able to remember, often, that the very instant a problem arises there is a solution created and that the Universe has scores of solutions available to me. If I allow myself to remain in the Vortex by pulling back the "woe is me" thoughts and if I can ignore all those around me who want to tell me how bad this is going to be and just chill, the Universe will knock itself out to give me huge gifts. Here's yet another story:

We ordered our appliances from a local company about 5 weeks ago. Their normal delivery time is a couple of weeks. I started calling last week, because our contractor needed to install the microwave hood before he could begin working on the luscious glass tile backsplash. I found that our salesman was not available and BECAUSE OF MY SLIGHTLY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS OF MILD FRUSTRATION, I created a situation in which the one appliance that we needed was the one appliance that had not shipped. I did that! I am so precious and I was having a Step One moment (asking) that would make my Step Three (allowing) even more delicious. Because I was not at that time a cooperative component, I was unable to attract other cooperative components to the situation. Long story short, as of yesterday morning, the story was that the model we had ordered was discontinued; there were none in transit; I was one of 9 customers who had ordered this model; I was not first in line if one was found; the owner of the store was being ignored by his sales rep; my salesman was gone for weeks and probably some other details I'm forgetting. I tell this story joyfully because as I received each piece of information, I pulled back the negative thoughts and made statements like, "Things always work out for me," "The Universe is on my side," "My only work is to stay in the Vortex," "I needn't worry myself about this because my beautiful kitchen is already complete," etc. I would not allow even fabulous partner to go dire on me. I would just say, "I'd prefer to tell a different story," or "I can't wait to see what wonderful solution lies ahead," or "I'm a deliberate thinker, so I'm going to think about something else right now," or "I need to get into the Vortex before I attempt to think about this."

I got a call from the store owner yesterday. Not only was that particular model discontinued, the replacement model was smaller and less powerful, had lower CFM's (less sucking power) and wasn't available until August. (I was at that point deliberately pulling back negative thoughts.) But what he was going to do for me was offer me the floor model at a nicely reduced price!!! I should take away those exclamation points because I was not even surprised. I truly knew that because of my current vibrational level, I could not create a catastrophe. I HAD TO be creating an even better solution than buying that model at the very good price we paid for it originally. Oh, yes, the concierge was at work.

In addition to that evidence of my current vibration, there were countless other conversations, synchronicities, coincidences in my day. A person pulling out of a space in a full parking lot just for me. Feeling pulled back to my house during my busy day only to find myself arriving within 30 seconds of a tile delivery. Numerous interactions with friendly strangers, happy babies and delicious friends. And best of all, celebrating a fabulous friend's birthday with her and two of her fabulous sisters and ALL OF US are Abrahamsters! Who could ask for anything more????

So when I began my day today feeling a bit delayed and started to do things while slightly OOV*, I dropped everything and got to my computer to check out an Abraham clip or two. Following is what I found and what influenced the title of this blogpost. I hope you will love it as much as I did, for it moved me right into the Vortex where I remain and where I am milking it by amplifying my connection by doing one thing I love to do: writing to you all. Enjoy:

Also, just a shout out to all those from other countries who are finding their way to the Vortex Diary. I can see the pageviews in my stats in Blogger/Blogspot, so I don't know if people are actually reading posts, but some are, I'm sure. So hello, Latvia, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Romania, Australia! I've seen many other countries in the past, but I'm now noting new countries in Evernote so that I can acknowledge you all out there. I so appreciate all of you for being cooperative components in the Abraham experience. I love you all. 

*Out of the Vortex

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  1. I really REALLY enjoy you blogs!! It was great meeting you yesterday at the Abraham workshop!! I am taking this phrase to heart ( among other things you've written )
    I need to get into the Vortex before I attempt to think about this, * joyfully grinning!!