Saturday, July 16, 2011

Abraham: So Much Evidence So Much Joy

One view from my front yard.
I really love urban art.

Please assume that when you don't hear from me that I am either OOV* temporarily OR that I am so caught up in amazing experiences and opportunities that I'm too busy to write. Either way is fantastic, cuz you can't get it wrong and you never get it done and even when you're OOV you're just packing your luggage for an extra cool trip to Step 3. 

Tonight I used 4 free tickets to Helium Comedy Club in Portland to see a show that I couldn't have imagined would be SO fabulous. My friend and I have been there 3 times now with various other people, but she and I always feel like we're in a much larger and more glamorous city when we go there. Both other times we've gone was fun, but tonight's visit with my son and a wonderful friend visiting from North Carolina was THE most Vortextual of all. The headliner, Tom Wilson (Biff from Back to the Future) was not on my radar at all, which I don't really understand, because this man is a gift to us all. He had a packed house choking with laughter throughout his entire set and he was totally in the Vortex himself. Some comics I've seen are quite hilarious, but I've never seen a comic have so much fun in front of me. His spirit and energy changed me permanently. I am more loving and open for having spent that hour with him seeing firsthand what an artist who loves his craft is capable of.

WARNING: This next passage could bore you to tears if you don't love technology the way I do. I've been wanting to talk about my favorite notetaking program here for a LONG time, so here goes:

I listened to new Abraham YouTube clips all the way home. I've known for a long time that accessing YouTube on my phone using Evernote is way more efficient than going to the YouTube website. I  use Evernote to organize the clips that I link you to in these Vortex Diary blogposts. I name my tiny URL's of the clips so that I'll recognize them and maybe add some notes in Evernote to remind me of what I want to say about them. I noticed that clicking the links from Evernote on my phone is super-speedy. Right before I left today it dawned on me that I could dump a bunch of new clips into a note and preview them as I drove. I was in the Vortex when I thought of this and that just helped me milk it. The drives to and from Portland accompanied by new Abraham material were exceptionally pleasant. And the clouds.....YAAAAY, clouds!

So, I arrived home very late (it is now the tiny hours of the morning) and checked my email. I will say before I tell you this next nugget that I had an unusually high number of invitations and commitments and opportunities for what is now today, Saturday, July 16th. Our Salem Abraham group meets this afternoon and three afternoon/early evening parties glistened before me. I had chosen one but realized that the time conflicted with the meeting and became oddly ambivalent when attempting to choose another and decided to opt out of everything. Immediately several MORE things came to my attention and still no choice felt quite right. I remembered to check my email before I went inside tonight and saw an alert from a good friend entitled "Bobby McFerrin". You know how I feel about him, dear readers. He and I have been connected for many years. His voice vibrates out of many pieces of art I have created and his music is often a gateway into the Vortex for me. So when I saw his name, my already high vibration sprazzled up a notch or two. I now understood why Saturday's schedule seemed so impossible to me: Bobby McFerrin is appearing less than an hour's drive away at a  wonderfully convenient time!!!!! Life is truly wonderful on top of fabulous layered with neon, thank you very much.

Evidence of my alignment pours down on my head lately like syrup made from sunshine. I couldn't possibly tell you every story because I'd have to stay at my computer almost all the time. Let's get telepathic so we can tell our stories in real time, because I know you all are having these experiences too. Here's just one that I love a whole lot:

Okay, so last Saturday, I really wanted to get to the herb store to purchase a couple of mixtures I've been inspired to drink. I honestly can't remember where I was vibrationally that day, but it seems like I was in the Vortex mostly and was having so much fun at home that I kept putting off driving to the store. I gave them a call at one point to ask a question and got the answering machine, but figured they were busy with a customer, so I drove over. When I arrived I saw a sign in the window saying they were out of town. HMMMMM, I thought, I wonder what's up with this. What grand opportunity awaits me, genius creator that I am? The scenery, the temperature, the open road and the unknown beckoned. I will, I thought, just wait to see what happens. I felt inspired to go to another store to see if they might have the powdered herbs I needed even though I doubted they did. An appreciative giddiness bubbled up from my core as I attempted to count the shades of green on the 12th Street Cutoff (one of my favorite 40 MPH stretches in Salem). Hey, I'm going right past the $3.00 theater, I realized. I've got cash and time and who knows what's playing, I thought as I swooped into the parking lot. I cruised in and slowed WAAAY down when I saw the marquee, which provided unmistakable evidence of my alignment. See:

For those of you who don't know, my first name is Judy. This marquee, a combo of two shortened movie titles, "Judy Magee" and "Source Code" was arranged by the Universe simply for my benefit and joy and I appreciate it so much, Universe. Thanks!!!!

You see why I love Abraham so much???? There is just sooo much goodness wrapped up in deliciousness inside an envelope of intense pleasure and tied up with ribbons of gladness and delight inside the Vortex and it's Abraham who turned me on to it all. 

Oh, and lately appears a spate of leading edge thought presented by the lovlies who continue to supply all us YouTube junkies! I must reek of appreciation right now. As difficult as it is to pick just one for tonight, that's what I shall do. I also love the pictures on this clip:

Continue from wherever you are to revel in the goodness wherever you may find it and whatever it is. When you do not enjoy something, look away, dear ones, and you know I'm speaking as much to myself as to any one of you out there. I truly love and appreciate all of you out there that I know physically and those of you I know vibrationally. It is a good day to be alive.

*Out of Vortex


  1. "Let's get telepathic so we can tell our stories in real time, because I know you all are having these experiences too." !!!! Oh YEAH it is already happening and I love it too!
    And thank you for your inspiration Judy, what a great post. Have a wonderful time seeing Bobby! I haven't decided yet whether to go there.

  2. Excellent post, Judy. I'm commenting in segments as I do some work - treating myself to portions on my breaks. Love your opening lines about not writing due to either being ITV or OOV. Really simplifies life in general, doesn't it?

    Also, the comedian you mention is one I recalled when you identified him, but I've not thought about him since I saw the last rerun of "Back to the Future." What a high vibrational description of him and his performance, not to mention the effect it had on your own already high vibration.

    I just love hearing stories like these that change us and move us up even higher along the glorious Vortex continuum. Thanks. More later:-)