Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Abraham-Milking Being In the Vortex

This is a picture of a lovely doorway I passed on my way to the market in Venice. It is located on the Zattare, which is a waterfront area that runs along one of the big canals.

Today, I'm excerpting, as close to verbatim as I can manage, a section of an Abraham YouTube video. Abraham is responding to a request from a European woman to talk about a new way of looking at economies. This segment was really lovely to me because I woke up not in the Vortex today and even though I have a lot to accomplish, I stubbornly decided to make getting into the Vortex my main priority. Then I puttered instead of diving into cleaning; instead of eating a breakfast that was good for me and that I "should" eat to stay healthy, I nibbled on foods that I love just long enough to take the edge off hunger; I wandered about letting the joy impulse guide me. I hung around in the Vortex milking the feeling (emotions and sensations) of being in the Vortex. Here's the funny thing, my visitors called to say they'd be an hour late, which gave me time to sit down and listen to Abraham on YouTube. Here's the golden nugget I found that brought me even more joy:

The success indicator is joy; the success indicator is that feeling--it is an emotional mood; it is a feeling of alignment; that is what success is, you see. And so we think it is a lovely, lovely thing that in this economic time that feels like upheaval and maybe even crisis to a lot of people, where the problem, the problem, the problem is being amplified that the solution, the solution, the solution is framing up too. It is the forerunner, it is the prepaving of more people realizing that it is the joy that they've been looking for all along anyway. And that in the discovery of it then all of the trappings have to come with it, too. Everything that everyone wants, whether it is a material object, whether it is a pile of money, or a relationship or a circumstance or an event; everything that everyone wants is for one reason and for one reason alone. They think they will feel better in the having of it. And so in an economic climate that feels out of control, or even in an ecological climate that they are telling you is out of control, when do you think most people are most likely to finally, once and for all, new-frontier-like to give up, to give up that attempt at control? It's when it finally occurs to them that it's too big to control. I cannot control that (X3) so larger and larger numbers of people are giving up that fruitless, never-would-work-out-anyway effort at control, and in giving up control, they find themselves in alignment with all that they've been asking for. We think that you've cued yourself up for the perfect economic success, for the perfect emotional success.

In other words, sometimes people worry that, oh, Abraham is getting so non-physical-like in their verbiage that maybe they just want us to give up all of our physical trappings and just come into this airy-fairy non-physical, non-tangible vortex of creation; maybe they're just trying to lure us into non-physical and away from the tangible stuff that is physical. And we say, you don't have to give up one for the other. But you'll never get what you want in terms of manifestation until you've made this Vortex--this vibration of reality your top priority. And when you do, success will flood in upon you in all manner of speaking. It will come in every subject; it will come from all directions, it will come everywhere you turn. Everywhere you turn, ideas that inspire and delight you will be there. People that you can love and who love you will be there. Money and trappings and things that bring you pleasure will be there. Business and commerce and -resources will be there. In other words, clean air will be there; good-feeling friends will be there. All that you seek, all that you've held dear, all that you've carved, day-by-day, bit-by-bit as you've sifted through the contrast out of your lives that you've put into your vortex, all of it will not only be there for you, in terms of manifestation, it is there real time, present tense for you now. You've just got to figure out how, day-by-day, thought-by-thought, mood-by-mood, to get in there.

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  1. Very nice, Judy. I like the doorway, I like joy, I like everything working out all easy and good. I like the music playing in my house and the soft purring kitty by my leg. Life is very, very good.