Friday, December 31, 2010

Abraham-More on Focus Wheels & Homage to YouTube's Homebuiltindoorplane

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What a thrill to be able to say that I have continued to meditate and do focus wheels (or something similar) each day since I started the Vortex Diary. Yesterday, my first statement just wasn't really coming right to me. I decided to get out "Ask And It Is Given" to review the focus wheel process. I knew that the statement in the middle of the focus wheel should reflect the feeling you are reaching for, but it was good to look at the book and to note that it's helpful to be aware of your present feeling state. The process was originally intended to be done in a feeling state that falls somewhere between boredom and anger on the Emotional Guidance Scale (found on page 297/Ask And It Is Given). (Note: In the newer Vortex of Creation workshops, Abraham talks about doing focus wheels in the Vortex or closer to the edge of the Vortex.)

Here are some ideas I found very helpful:
-Through our experiences, we come to believe certain things.
-The beliefs we hold keep us in a particular vibrational pattern.
-This vibrational tone disallows us from accessing the things we desire.
-We often defend our beliefs, by saying, "But it's true," even if the beliefs don't serve us.

Okay, here's what I often forget:
Anything that has manifested into a "physical, tangible, definable truth is because someone has given enough attention to it to make that so.....and just because someone else has managed to create their truth, it does not mean that it has any relationship to you or to what you will create."

And whatever your present reality/life experience it's not that way because it's an undeniable truth, "it is because in your attention to it, you have achieved vibrational harmony with it, so the Law of Attraction brings a matching experience to you."

It's so basic to the teachings of Abraham, yet I forget this all the time. The promise of the Focus Wheel is that you can practice thinking yourself into a better-feeling place and reset your vibration.

Once you've found your statement for the middle of the focus wheel, you're looking for a thought that is just a little bit beyond your current vibrational setpoint. Why? Because it's a better-feeling thought than the ones that hover around your current belief. Remember, we're bridging beliefs with the Focus Wheel. And a better-feeling thought brings RELIEF. So your statement will be: a.) general b.) soothing c.) one that you can believe.

Here's where 17 seconds and 68 seconds comes into play. You think that soothing thought for 17 seconds to begin attracting more thoughts like it. In the book, Abraham suggests staying with the thought or amplifying it or finding a memory related to it. Now it doesn't say this in the book, but I heard on a YouTube video recently that if you think that soothing thought for 68 seconds that you actually reset to the higher vibration of that thought!!!!

After reviewing the material, it was easy to identify my feeling state as pessimism. Now it wasn't a strong feeling of pessimism, it was inklings of it, but it was definitely there. So as I reached for optimism statement by statement, I decided to actually time myself. One of my timers is always set for 2 minutes because of the Self Myofascial Release work that I do. Hmmmmm, I thought, when I figured out how fast even 68 seconds went by, if I just keep the timer set for 2 minutes, I'll be pretty darned sure I'm resetting my vibration and how cool would that be? Well, it was marvelous. I found that by amplifying the thought, I got big waves of relief with each statement and by the time the half-hour or so it took for the process, I was pretty blissed-out. In fact, I had a teenage houseguest and I was inspired to blast some Busta Rhymes to wake him up, which blissed him out.

Then tonight as I was contemplating writing this post, I decided to listen to some Abraham on YouTube. I got swept into the Vortex listening to the newest videos from homebuiltindoorplane. The second video was the total package for me, because it just confirms what I've been experiencing since deciding that being in the Vortex is THE most important thing in my life. Here are the links:

This guy does an amazing service to the Abraham community with the steady stream of excerpts that he posts. If I've heard a particular workshop before he gets a segment of it on YouTube, it will invariably be something that struck me as an extremely noteworthy piece.  He has a wonderful website:

He also has a really cool forum where Abraham folk can share ideas and hear what others have to say. That link is:

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