Monday, February 21, 2011

Abraham: Get Into the Vortex, Then Anything Else I Have Time For

Pretty Beads

As I wrote to you from the Vortex yesterday, I sat in my soft warm clothing typing away until around 11:30 AM. I knew I had a journey ahead of me that day and I had a rough idea of the amount of time it would take to get there. I also had a list of email addresses to add to the "Blog Readers" group I notify when I post. I also make it a practice to get over to HootSuite, a cool little service that autoposts to Twitter and Facebook for me when I tell it that I've blogged. Of course I wanted to shower, dress and groom for my destination and I wanted to accomplish all of this while staying in the Vortex. 

My fabulous partner came by the doorway and perhaps because he observed me typing away at that particular time, made mention of the actual amount of time it would take to drive to our destination. It was a longer time than I had budgeted for realistically AND I was still "IN" as I thought something along the lines of "There's no need to hurry in the Vortex."

I jumped out for just a minute to think, "Yeah, right," caught myself and reaffirmed the previous thought. I did speed through editing and revision a bit, and noticed later that I missed a few things which I took care of last night after we got home, but we left at just about the right time. I had a couple crankier thoughts about how far away it was and how much time it would take and others of the wah-wah variety but they were fleeting because my vibration won't descend far without my notice these days. To compensate, I jumped quickly back to "Did you lose a cat?"* and I was back in the Vortex.

For a WONDERFUL lesson in training your vibration, go to the Abraham videos homebuiltindoorplane posted on YouTube today (especially Pt. 2):

So here we are now, me behind the wheel and definitely in the Vortex, fabulous partner beside me, a little of all kinds of weather--crispy cold, sunny, cloudy, and, as always here in Oregon, a chance of rain, and off we go. I'm thinking of all the pleasant events of the last day or so, and am even distracted enough to forget for a minute that I'm going south on the freeway instead of my usual north. But fabulous partner is there to remind me and he doesn't seem the least bit stressed about it and as I hit the freeway something in me just clicks and I'm even happier. We've got the radio on and the reception isn't great and fabulous partner says, oh, it's just this hill and once we're over it reception will be great and this guy plays some really good music, so we turn down the radio and chat. We begin to take in the scenery and I'm happy to be in the Vortex to appreciate the bare trees against the blue, blue sky. In fact it's been this winter and being in the Vortex so much that I've decided I love winter's exposure of deciduous architecture just as much as the same trees in their leafy wardrobes. We get up over the hill and yes, there's the music. And it's the blues to contrast with the sun spreading in perfection over the broad acid green fields to our right.  Enhancing our journey as well are at least five large hawks, a number of kestrels and even a gigantic bald eagle swooping right over our roof. I insist on keeping count and laughingly high-fiving every sighting. We're enjoying it all. At one point it's spring to our left and winter on our right where the hills are foggy and snow-capped and beautiful. 

And despite our slightly tight schedule, fabulous partner reads my mind and suggests we stop for a coffee along the way. It takes but a minute and we're back on the road with our journey-enhancing beverages and an increasingly vibrant soundtrack. We're both car-dancing a little when I remember how to milk being in the vortex. I keep the music up loud and I yell out the components of what's making this a Vortextual experience.

"It's the sunlight," I say, "and the music playing and the feel of the air on my skin. It's you and me smiling and the colors around us and the taste of this Chai."

And the milking is really working, because the slinky song we're listening to with its cool vocals playing off a really nice percussion line begins to move into a beautiful scorching build that leads to one of the most beautiful guitar solos we've ever heard up to now. And it just goes on and on ascending into places only a guitar player can take you and we're right there with it. We're flying by gorgeous scenery and being amazing cooperative components in our Vortexes in a beautiful Sunday moment on the freeway in Oregon.

"And that was Buddy Guy," says the announcer, which surprises me. I don't really remember Buddy Guy being that lyrical a player. 

"And that was Carlos Santana on guitar."

Of course it was. Carlos Santana is my favorite guitar player and I've been in the Vortex with him numerous times in my life. (You can hear part of the solo here:
but I think you'll have to buy the album to hear the whole thing.)

Does it get any better than this? Yeah, if you keep milking it, it does. I have enough evidence by now to know that the Universe will knock itself out to provide you with anything you desire when you're in the Vortex. You are, after all, in there with the power that creates worlds, and the leverage of the Vortex is at your disposal.

Suddenly it's raining. Hard. I slow to negotiate the road and realize that I like being warm and dry inside our comfy vehicle. The pelting quiets slightly and I yell, "These are perfect conditions for a rainbow. I bet we're gonna see one. I know we are."

I turn my head slightly to my left and there they are. Two of them. It's a double freaking rainbow, people. Double rainbow! I barely get the sentence out of my mouth and the Universe has delivered to me in real time a DOUBLE RAINBOW! And I'm yelling now, just like the guy on the viral video.** "Double rainbow. Oh, my God. Double rainbow."

I'm laughing and I'm high-fiving and I'm fuh-reaking out inside the Vortex. Not only am I a cooperative component with one of the biggest jackpots that nature has to offer, so is my fabulous partner. It's almost too much to stand, but it isn't. It isn't because I'm beginning to expect all this useless beauty. Beauty that has no purpose other than to please me as I drive south on the freeway on a Sunday afternoon. Beauty that is there in my Vortex at all times awaiting me. Beauty that serves me in such specific ways that I know it is just for me because I am loved and adored and, as Abraham says so often, I am doing very, very well. 


*See yesterday's blog, "Swept Into The Vortex"  

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