Sunday, February 20, 2011


I come to you once again from inside the Vortex. I just listened to another homebuiltindoorplane Abraham video and right in the middle got swept into the Vortex powerfully. I'm doing a lot more tracking of my own physical sensations lately because I'm practicing Somatic Experiencing with so many people lately, and I want to remember to track the wonderful sensations I feel when I am in the Vortex and milking it. As I sit here on my couch with my computer warming my lap and think about the segment of the Abraham excerpt that swept me in a few minutes ago, here are some of the sensations I am experiencing in my body:

-a warm surging tug on the right side of my "heart"
-a line of pleasant pressure spreading up my left ear canal and into my jaw
-a sensation of airy shimmering in my chest region

And as I track those sensations, many more arise around different parts of my body. The pleasant sensations expand and multiply and contribute to the milking process. Now I'm feeling a lovely pressing on my right temple and my forehead is warm.

If I attempt to use words to describe what it's like in the Vortex, I'm often at a loss. Yes, I am excited, I am interested, I am playful, joyful and expansive, but I've often felt that I could convey what it's like in here more clearly. What I notice when I track sensation is that I then create an even larger capacity for pleasant sensations. That is, of course, one of the tenets of Somatic Experiencing. Peter Levine's new book is even called "In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness", which I think is a wonderful concept. Restoring goodness is so simple and so basic and we all want to feel good. One of the things I LOVE about Peter Levine is that he frames thing in such positive terms. I think that speaking of restoring goodness is a very Abraham approach, so yet another shout out to one of my modern-day heroes, Dr. Levine. In my SE training, another very Abraham-like thing we learned was to envision clients as having all that they needed to restore this goodness. We even experimented with holding other, perhaps more typical client-practitioner thoughts of a lower vibration as we worked with partners. This was done in total silence. We simply stood behind the person and thought the lower vibe thoughts and then discussed the affects and then beamed the higher vibrations at them from our heart areas. Dramatically different feeling! And wonderful training.

When I'm practicing SE, I'm really striving to see people through the eyes of Source, which is basically what we were doing in that exercise. It's more than "striving" because it simply happens and I'm sure that this is why I get into the Vortex as I work with people. I hadn't recalled until recently how good it felt to simply be beheld by my own counselor during our SE sessions. She used to just look at me and smile, which took some getting used to, but which became a wonderful part of our sessions.  

So, when you get into the Vortex, experiment a little with tracking the sensations that go with the good-feeling emotions and thoughts and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

Oh, yes, and here's the YouTube link:

I especially like this excerpt from the Albuquerque workshop because I've heard questions recently about how to deal with other people as you work to raise your own vibration and to stay up to speed with your new vibrational setpoint. I think there's some cool info in this segment.

I want to examine from a purely positive vantage point how contrast has served me in an extremely beautiful way in the last 18 hours or so. I want to do it in such a way that I don't tell a negative story, which is ironic, because the contrast came as a result of dipping into my old story. The fantastic news is that I felt the vibrational indicators right away and when I delayed paying attention for a very short time, they very rapidly manifested physically. I think that is fantastic news because to me it says that I spend enough time in the Vortex these days that I get these manifestations like lightning and the even better news is that I can figure out how to focus my thoughts and bring myself around to an even better-feeling place than where I was before the unwanted physical manifestation.

To backtrack just slightly I will say that for a very long time I have imagined being in a room with a whole lot of like-minded people having a good time co-creating fun and talking about Abraham and related teachers and subjects. I had a wonderful opportunity to experience that yesterday and I found it to be energizing and expansive. I have had, up to now, a tendency to illustrate my joy in where my life is today by talking about how bad my life used to be. And while I didn't go into great detail yesterday about my old story, I made reference to it numerous times. Last night, just a few hours afterward, I began experiencing a small twinge at one site on my body. This twinge quickly grew into quite a strong sensation of tugging in that area of my body. I am smiling as I enjoy the wisdom of my body in using tugging as an attention-getting mechanism. How cool is that?

I will not go into any more detail than that because to do so would be focusing on a manifestation that I did not want--I will simply not tell that story. The story I want to tell is that it got my attention; I cleaned up my vibration with, in small part, some physical methods that have served me in the past, but in much larger part, with directed thinking. So, yes, I did direct my attention to other, better-feeling parts of my body. I did use some tracking of the tugging sensation. I did some soothing and stretching of my physical body. And most importantly, I made statements like:

"I've experienced physical contrast before and it has always cleared up."

"I don't need to label this as anything more than a strong sensation I'm temporarily experiencing."

"This will probably improve very rapidly because I noticed this right away. And better yet, I'm very clear about the thoughts that preceded this physical manifestation." 

"Oh, I adore my body and its ability to get my attention with these blessed vibrational indicators."

"I can easily soothe myself  out of resistance to the powerful current of the stream of good health that flows never-endingly."

The sensation subsided beautifully and when I noticed a twinge this morning as I awoke, I decided to bask and to stir up some fun with my partner. We've been enjoying a "photo" called "Did You Lose A Cat?" a lot lately:

"Did you lose a cat?"

While we lay in bed, me with my little twinge, he half-asleep, I said, "Say something funny."

"Did you lose a cat?" he replied.

We laughed and laughed. And then we riffed in our comedic Vortex. We are not appropriate in there. I won't repeat ANY of the stupid-cool-dumb things that made us howl. We just have that special chemistry together that enables us to co-create gut-busting, tears-down-the-face laughter at 6 AM on a Sunday. 

And the twinge? Gone in the gales.

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  1. Love love LOVE the mind-movie of you two laughing and laughing at 6 am on Sunday. Or any time. Wheee!