Saturday, February 12, 2011


I am happy to say that I've been in the Vortex at least 60% of the time since I last blogged. Here's what's cool about that:

That's just an average. Lately, like this past week, it's been a much, much higher percentage of each day. I'd say 80% of the time I'm in or very near the Vortex. I'm getting kicked out many fewer times and when I'm out, I don't stay out long. 

This is a fabulous way to live!!! I'm much more in tune with my emotional state. And because I've been doing a lot more Somatic Experiencing with people, I'm also much more in tune with my own body and what it is saying to me. That, of course, is directly related to our emotions and is a real gift when you want to live adjacent to and in the Vortex. 

Much of what is manifesting right now is as a result of requests that I put out to the Universe in a more formal way several months back. And those requests came out of the longer process of me expanding, not keeping up with who I had expanded to be, which caused negative emotion, which I ignored thus causing it to get bigger. I won't go into detail about the old story I was living, because even though it caused me to put fabulous and wonderful things into my vibrational escrow it is it old news. Focusing on the old story in this moment would cause me to lower my vibration and I feel really, really good right now. Suffice it to say, I ignored negative emotion (and not even the big stuff--the little irritations, frustrations and annoyances) long enough for it to manifest physically. Eventually, THAT got my attention, and eventually I focused-wheeled and found out what it was I really wanted.

One of the things I really wanted was to be doing more Somatic Experiencing with people. I always get into the Vortex either before, during or after doing SE with a client (sometimes all three). I formally put out the call to the Universe a few months back and then forgot about it. Now it's manifesting and it's really wonderful. Layers and layers of gifts come to me from this practicing the art of Somatic Experiencing. I'm noticing that after I work with someone, my neocortex sifts through all the information my senses gathered during the session. This is done outside of my conscious awareness. I'm just living my life and appreciating and basking and being swept into the Vortex and milking it, and BOOM a big chunk of synthesized information is delivered to my conscious awareness in the form of insight, inspiration and knowing. I "see" parts of the session and know how to use that information when I next work with the person, for instance. Or I have a beautiful loving awareness of that person's gifts. It's really, really wonderful.

I've put out lots of other requests that I notice are being answered in various ways. One general request is for more ease and joy in my busy, active life. I used to try to achieve that by getting things done so that I could have fun later. But I've noticed that if I really wait for inspiration and do not take action before I'm in the Vortex, I accomplish so much more through the leverage of the Vortex. I've been puttering a lot more, which I really enjoy, and which, in the old story I judged and labeled negatively. Now I putter my way into large projects and really wonderful routines and practices. I'm hooked on beautiful, organic juices because in my puttering around on YouTube I found a guy who has some great juice recipes. I puttered my way into cleaning out several cupboards and a whole pantry in preparation for the kitchen remodel. I've waited for inspiration to take walks and have had some completely in-the-Vortex treks that are longer and much more enjoyable from start to finish than any action-based walks of the past. 

In fact, I'm still in my walking clothes. I woke up this morning and basked, joked and chatted with my amazing, brilliant and funny partner. We got up out of bed and I looked out our bedroom window while I was totally in the Vortex. I saw a fantastic vista of sky and neighborhood through the black branches of bare trees. I daydreamed out loud about a balcony where we could sit and enjoy that view and wait for the birds to come out. Then I came downstairs and began preparations to make juice. I had just cut some ginger into juicer-sized pieces when I looked out the kitchen window and saw one of our local squirrel comedians doing some entertaining pranks on the trunk of our giant oak tree. 

"That's it," I thought, "I'm getting out there with the squirrels and the sky and I'm going for a walk."

That, of course, was the call of source, and it was one of the best walks I ever took--up to now.

Really, the incidences and coincidences, the joyful encounters, the breathtaking moments and the fun experiences that I again imagine photographed and assigned to pretty index cards are stacking up so high that I can't even see the top of the heap. Here are just a couple:

I won a door prize at a very cool open house where I unexpectedly ran into wonderful people whom I know and love and ate some gorgeous and delicious food.

I got an email from my son telling me that T-Mobile was giving away smart phones to upgrade-ready customers. I have been lusting after an Android phone for a long time and was waiting for my contract renewal to get here so I could get one. I thought my contract was up in February, so I was overjoyed to hear this wonderful news. Here's a little twist, though. I checked and found that I was actually eligible for an upgrade in October and would have spent $149 then because I really, really wanted the phone. Not only that, my wonderful partner was also eligible for upgrade and on the night before the promotion we went and picked out a phone for him--a gray LG Dlite. I was in a wonderfully expansive place around the whole Android experience and made a decision to be the first in line on Friday morning--just an inspiration, really, which I followed. I was escorted into the store personally by one of the T-Mobile associates and put in my order. She went into the back and came out with both phones announcing to her co-workers, "That was the last gray Dlite in stock, people."

Wow, it's a good life! 

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