Monday, May 9, 2011

Abraham: Aligned With Destruction

Our new kitchen will be very different from the old. I document the old as the new, already complete, creation comes into focus.

For many, many years I have yearned for (Step 1=Asking) a new and improved kitchen. From the moment I asked, it has been in my Vortex where Source has been calling me to come see what I've created. When I visited the Vortex to think about our new kitchen, I would almost instantly get spit out as I fretted over the details such as cost, who would do the work, how I would have to fight to get what I wanted, etc. I also did a lot of justifying about why I needed and deserved a new kitchen and I sometimes felt guilty about wanting a really nice kitchen instead of just a serviceable one. Phoenix-Yuma for about 10 years. 

I tell that little scrap of a truly long (and boring) tale of woe (I love me very much) because today I stand in a new and improved place of knowing precisely because of all that orneriness. Ten years is a long time to spend observing current reality (which is always old news) and to completely ignore the magnificence of walking into the new kitchen that I created the minute I asked for it. I, like most of us, love to be able to see, feel, touch and physically experience a manifestation. In fact we truly believe that it's not real until we can see it. I don't have a new kitchen today, but today I can see it. Every time I wash a dish I see the new sink. As I clean the white floor I see the new and beautiful dirt-hiding floor. I don't have the sink or the new floor, but I know they're coming. I'm certain of it. I have no doubt. So even as I stand in my currently manifested much-worse-for-the-wear, shabby, sad-looking little kitchen, I can experience elation.  This certainty, this knowing is the key. I can feel wonderful in this moment because of the certainty of the new kitchen. So the next time I'm in the Vortex and get spit out because I can't see what's in there very clearly, I believe that I will be able to come back to this feeling of certainty and get right back in. I will be able to remember that any worries I have about details just mean I need to get more general in my imagining or that I just need to switch my focus to something else that makes me feel good in the moment. The more time I spend in the Vortex, the clearer my vision becomes. My kitchen has been in my Vortex all along; it's just that today I can enjoy it, even without the physical manifestation, because now I can see it.

Source calls me constantly to come look at what I've created. I'm so excited to see how the actual process of destruction and rebuilding will unfold. I'm ignoring all the negative things "they" say about a remodel and am focusing on how joyous any experience can be when I remember that the whole Universe is on my side and rooting for me. 

A remodel is an on-purpose and planned destruction. I'm inviting a man to come in and bash in walls and tear things apart. It's just too beautiful a metaphor to ignore to look at my life in the same way. I've invited many people in who have seemingly caused destruction only to discover that all that misery and suffering actually caused my stream to move really, really fast, thus creating a potentially fabulous life. Here, let's let Abraham tell us all about it:

Yes, it's 40 minutes long and it's worth every minute.

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