Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Abraham: OMG It Just Gets Better and Better in the Vortex!

This is one of the little scenes that I had on my kitchen window sill that I looked at for years as I watched dishes and imagined my new and in the Vortex kitchen.

Who knew how good things could get and how quickly?!? All this practicing milking being in the Vortex once I'm swept in has been wonderful. The other end of that stick (that I've been hearing so much about on YouTube clips recently) is that once you're used to being in the Vortex a lot, being OOV* is really, really miserable. I won't go into the particulars, but on more than one occasion in the past couple of months, I've felt worse than I've felt in YEARS!!!!! What's wonderful about that, I've figured out, is that this is FABULOUS NEWS. Here's the deal:

When you're used to feeling ornery, resentful, sad about the plight of the world, worried about the past/future, fretful, annoyed, hateful toward other people or entities (corporations, government, politicians, the rich), irritated about traffic, you name it (and I've done it all, believe me), you don't notice being out of the Vortex because you don't get in there that much. You might notice being in the Vortex (but not usually cuz you're probably not in there that long), but you've become accustomed to feeling not that good. When you get into the Vortex with deliberate thinking, or when you're swept in and you know you're in the Vortex and you practice staying in there by milking the experience, you really start enjoying feeling good and you hunger for it when you feel just okay or when you're just outside the Vortex. But when you're out of vibrational range of the Vortex and you can't even remember how you got so way out, it is NOT FUN. It's true when Abraham says that you can't go back. I cannot get used to feeling bad now--it's AWFUL. Listen to this:

It's wonderful, then, to have a hissy fit when you're out of range of the Vortex, because it means that you're used to being in there! YAY!!!!

I went to work today. I haven't been working outside the house much in the past couple of weeks as we've prepared our home for the fabulous kitchen remodel that is now underway. I've been in the Vortex quite a bit as I've packed things up and done some demanifestation (I always get the best stuff!) I can't say that I was in the Vortex as I contemplated working and I was doing a little bit of negative prepaving by worrying about getting ready with a displaced kitchen and things just not where you're used to them. I've got to hand it to us, though, we have set up a cool basement kitchen and my fabulous partner is quite the organizer thanks to his long camping history, so it turned out to be kind of a breeze. 

On the drive to work, I had the new Shirley McLaine book in my CD player. This is on loan to me--I've never read any of her books before--but I had recently thought about it and then, voila, my lovely brother-in-law put it into my hands w/out knowing anything of my intention to explore her work. This gave me the opportunity to figure out one of the ways in which I push against things. It's recently been pointed out to me by my MOST EXCELLENT brother that there is a difference between judgement and discernment. In listening to Ms. MacLaine, I discern that she pushes against a lot of things. As I listened to the CD, I began to mentally complain about her long lists of things that are wrong, criminal, horrible, unfair, etc. in the world. In fact, I found myself saying out loud, "NOTHING IS BROKEN, SHIRL!! GET OVER IT!"

And there it is, I discerned for a minute and then I started to get irritated. Could I have turned it off? YES! Could I have skipped a cut? YES! What's really interesting, though, is that in there amongst all the things that most would agree are awful and should be pointed out and complained about, there was a lot of beautiful stuff and wisdom and insight and a sense of humor and a lovely reading voice and lots of cool stories, so I didn't want to miss all of that. I got it that I could appreciate all of the wonderful stuff that she knows and just la, la, la, ignore the rest and just love her right where she is. I don't have to get irritated because she's not an Abraham person--she just isn't. But I can love her for who she is and as I did that this morning on the freeway, I started to get into the Vortex. And it didn't hurt that the clouds were magnificent or that I was going to get to spend the day with teenagers or that I was wearing a pretty blouse, or that my car runs so well, or that traffic was great or that it was Wednesday when I can go into work a little later than usual, etc. Just so many things to appreciate. And all of a sudden, POOF, I'm in the Vortex. And all because of Shirley MacLaine! Thanks, Shirl, I love you! Thanks for being the trailblazer that you've been in our culture, making it possible to speak openly of other dimensions and realities and probably even opening the way for Abraham to be called forth by all of us seekers.

Is it any wonder that I had an absolutely wonderful day at work? I even did one of the meditations during a prep period. I also had time to do some reading and did lots of positive reinforcement with students and built or improved upon existing relationships with them. I just got to spread the love around and it was cool.

Is it also any wonder that in speaking with the fantastic guy who's working on our kitchen, I found that I live in a very nicely constructed house that is free of hidden complications? With, in fact, admirable construction that is almost totally in line with modern standards? He even pointed out some extra space available for storage if we want to open it up. My fabulous partner found us some great people to work with throughout this process and I so appreciate him and all of these other cooperative components. Life is so good!

The emptied-out-soon-to-be-demolished kitchen.

The demolished kitchen. Did I mention that these workers are extremely tidy and clean up after themselves beautifully?

Other amazing and wonderful occurrences:
Friend received my call while she was getting ready to dial me (we hadn't spoken for weeks and had both been thinking of one another). And my conversation with her encouraged me to get even more deliberate in my own thinking that day.

Aforementioned brother-in-law and I met a whole slew of cool local musicians at a coffee shop/restaurant and I was asked by one to please give him a list of my favorite 70's fusion/jazz/funk/soul music. This is literally a dream come true! One conversation that morning led to another and another as different twenty- and thirty-something players streamed in to rehearse in the space adjoining the restaurant. At one point I stated, "This is a truly leading edge conversation we're having right now," to which one of the guys replied, "Yes, and I want to have more." (He sat down at our table and we continued to raise our vibration en masse.)

An almost undreamable gift was given me by my most generous brother-in-law: his Nikon digital SLR he no longer uses since he upgraded to a more modern Nikon than this one. Yikes! It is a fantastic gift and is intended to spur me on to take more and better pics of my own artwork. He has always taken scores of pictures at this house because I love to arrange and juxtapose objects into tableaux everywhere in my home and he gets what I'm doing and appreciates it.

And then, a fabulous acquaintance from an Abraham group I was involved in at one time sent me this link which contains something so beautiful that I played with it for less than a minute and then dived in to writing this blogpost just so I could share it:

Move your mouse around to create even MORE patterns and colors.  Pretty amazing!

*OOV=out of the Vortex


  1. Yeah, baby!! Fantabulous and (what a coincidence) just what I needed to hear. are fantabulous my dear sister. Oh, and what a role model for me! I just keep coming back to your zest for life, your shear joy at living it. Hmmm...I think it has stuck for me, too. I'm joyful most of the doggone time now. Whoo-hoo!
    A-bitta-boom! Oh,and a...
    Bee-bop-a-scooba-dee-do to you, Chewday! Thanks. Bro' Orlando
    P.S. Hey, is that your face on the leaf in the Youtube? It's so beautiful, I think it is. OC

  2. Thanks for helping me start out the day appreciating what is and being eager for more!

  3. Thank you all for the comments. You all just make blogging all the more fun!