Sunday, August 14, 2011

Abraham: Awakening In The Vortex/Angelic Connections

I love vintage housewares!

Greetings from the Vortex, all you lovely, wonderful Souls out there. Wherever you are in proximity to the Vortex, just know that Source is there beckoning you and offering countless paths to this blissful pasture (I'll wind backwards to this reference, I promise).

Here's what I think I'm discovering this morning. Your entryways into your Vortex are tailored specifically for you in delightful and sometimes almost bizarre ways, if that's your thing--I know bizarre suits me. I just heard from a friend a random thought he had about my fabulous partner. The gist: throw a beard and a top hat on him and he'd look a lot like Abraham Lincoln. I am stoked about this comment on several levels! Obviously, I LOVE that the name "Abraham" is woven into this multidimensional cosmic joke, especially since it connects to fabulous partner. I admit that when I first heard the observation, I could have gone into some judgment--I felt the tug. Happily, I've been joyriding the Vortex enough recently to ignore that and go with the fun; if you know me at all, you know that I'm always talking about how I want to have fun. So, there I stood slapping a beard and a stovepipe onto the image of my beloved and knowing that it made almost no sense and still it made me laugh. Then I began reveling in the thought that our friend came up with this totally unexpected idea and that he said it out loud. I started thinking about Abraham Lincoln and remembering how when I was a girl, I worked my way methodically through an entire series of cloud-gray clothbound biographies at the Gold Hill Library.* I realized that I would often develop crushes on these historical subjects. My crush on Abraham Lincoln lasted quite a bit longer than most, fueled as it was by a drawing of a beardless young Abe I had seen somewhere. I began appreciating my ability to conjure so many happy memories from what most would deem a broken childhood. I appreciate the concept that nothing is broken, and that all is well and I enjoy that thought even as I write. 

Almost the minute I reunited with my fabulous partner, I told him about the Abraham Lincoln incident and he immediately caught the wave of humor and we laughed over it. I stayed up a little later than he did and I laughed as I got into bed and told him about my Lincoln crush. I remembered it almost the minute I awakened and we milked the humor together as we started our day. In fact, the first thing I said to him this morning was, "Hey, there, Abraham Lincoln, get over here so I can give you a hug."

"Get over here, you feisty heifer," he replied, and yes, I laughed and yes, there's the link to the Vortex pasture reference.

So here's what we've been doing: We've been practicing the vibration of the Vortex. And even though that particular pathway was specific to me and my taste in humor and my appreciation of the somewhat bizarre observation, my partner allowed himself to be ignited by it too. 

So how has this all turned out? I've had the most lovely morning! I did dishes and swept and tidied and showered and lounged barefoot with my coffee.  I appreciated aloud all the aspects I enjoyed along the way: 

"I love seeing a cleared-off counter." 
"I adore feeling a newly-swept floor under my bare feet."
"Espresso with honey and cream tastes marvelous."

I also began seeing clearly how contrast creates expansion. Every comment I've listed is one I've expressed or thought about in a negative way many, many times in the past. I felt the tug of judgment several times as I went to YouTube for further expansion. I practiced feeling the tug and reaching for appreciation instead. All of this wonderful expansion has been helped by some recent videos from The Happy Jackster, whom I believe I have mentioned in a previous blog. Jacqueline Paesano Wood is a YouTube Goddess whom I appreciate greatly, because she consistently delivers wonderful, honest content as she practices what she calls high vibes. She and her co-creator, Liz Green, also talk about living in Easy World, the one you create as you navigate life from inside your Vortex. Happy Jackster's two videos on money have really stirred up something in me that I feel has been bubbling up again and again. I believe I've said it here before (I often don't remember what I've written, though, so.....), much of what gets stuck in my craw boils down to "What will people think?"

Jacqueline has adapted some processes that I think are really cool. So cool, in fact, that I will be using these vids when I sit in for our host at next Saturday's LOA Meetup here in Salem. Enjoy her:

In addition, I expected to find something wondrous along the way as I Vortex-surfed this morning. I don't often talk about Angels and Archangels in the Vortex Diary, but I confer with them, if not often, at least regularly. Angels saved my life on at least two occasions and saved my soul when I was thirteen. Angelic intervention is very real to me and I enjoy thinking about Angels very much. Angels led me to Abraham, and to this wonderful life that I now enjoy, so let's hear it for Angels! In my short exploration this morning, a video led me to the title of a book which I will manifest soon called "Angels In My Hair". I adored the video I found when I went to Amazon:

Have a delightful day and even if you don't, remember that you are precious and thank you so much for contributing to the expansion of the Universe. When you have those Step One moments, maybe you'll remember to say, "You're welcome, Universe!"

*Many tangents tempt me here. A short vignette on Jewell Routh, the cigarette-smoking volunteer librarian/social critic/raconteur, for one, but I'll save it. 

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  1. Hi, Judy. Thanks for the sweet and powerful romp in the Vortex this morning. I've read and re-read this post over the last week or two, and finally watched the videos you've linked as well. Good stuff. Great way to start my day. I love feeling my expansion. I love journeying to catch up with myself. I am loving the WHOLE process. Tx again for writing and laughing and sharing and loving.