Friday, August 5, 2011

Abraham: Evidence of Being In Complete Control of EVERYTHING

This is one of my Frida Kahlo Flags (I've been obsessed with Frida since I was a teen). I did a series of these a couple of years back.

I awoke pretty much in the Vortex this morning. Fabulous partner had taken the day off so I knew I'd get to visit with him in a much more leisurely manner than is usual for a weekday. I've been deeply immersed, off and on, in some artwork projects (creating a Junk Journal or Smashbook, making the tags I showed you in the last blogpost, doing my own version of Zendoodling in which I add bright colors to what is usually only done in black and white and attempting to create my own Washi tape). I listen to a lot of Abraham on YouTube, but I also follow a lot of sister artistes who generously share their endeavors and spark me into "having" to make something--a feeling that I relish. If you're interested in any of these somewhat obscure art projects, just google any one of the terms and you'll find lots of info. 

In addition to my personal art endeavors, the new season of Project Runway just began and a very good friend and I meet every Thursday to view the newest episode. We get WAY into it. If you're at all familiar with this particular reality series, you know that it's about fashion designers and that Portland area designers have won the competition a few times. There are two Portland designers this year, so it's pretty exciting. 

On top of that, a local Salem/Portland comic, Ron Funches appeared on Conan last night and got a TON of laughs and Conan called him "hilarious". Fabulous partner and I reviewed the performance this morning and reveled in Ron's success. We had both seen Ron open for Michael Ian Black at the Helium Comedy Club show that launched my recent excursion into live comedy. 

I showed my friend my homemade Washi tape last night and after she left, I began playing with it in my Junk Journal on my fabulous, perfect-height-for-me peninsula in my LOVELY kitchen which I appreciate time and again each day. I so impressed myself with my artistic brilliance that I went to bed in the Vortex. I could barely tear myself away from my journal this morning even though I was dressed for my morning walk and had my earphones hanging round my neck ready to listen to Prince in the park.

I experienced some contrast before my walk and I'll be darned if it didn't get stuck in my craw, as Abraham likes to say. I might have remembered an Abraham excerpt that I shared in a previous Vortex Diary blogpost, but noooo:

It's the one that answers the question about why we run into ornrey or intransigent folks even when we're in or near the Vortex ourselves. Abraham's response is that as uplifters, we can use those opportunities to be amused by those whose behavior may look to us to be OOV and to overpower the negative or fearful or controlling vibe with our own higher, positive vibration. We do this by seeing them through the eyes of Source. HA! That's not what I did....I bailed out of the Vortex and got my underwear in a bundle (AREN'T I PRECIOUS???) Here I was being given a chance to expand and I just wouldn't take my expansion right away (YOU'RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE!!!) Coolest thing ever is that I just got out of my own way and started allowing (my Step 3) a few minutes ago and it was magnificent. Here's what went down.

I set out on my walk with my resentment active in my thoughts. I didn't shake it right away, but eventually the music and the beauty of my little park and moving my body conspired and there I was in the Vortex. I ran into a lovely neighbor I worked with for years and I repeated the story of my resentment!!! Oh, aren't I precious setting off more rockets of desire asking to be treated fabulously wherever I go? Aren't I generous to get something stuck in my craw and to wait to take my expansion by staying in Step One just a little longer? 

Still, I had an endorphin high going and a lot of energy, so I extended my walk a bit and began gathering bits and bobs of trash as well as feathers and sticks. I have an art project in mind into which I'll incorporate these park finds. When I got home I enjoyed my breakfast and an espresso and nursed my resentment by keeping it running it in the background. Even though I thought of it consciously only in flashes, it was still charged and active in my vibration. It was active enough that I created a segment of errands in which nothing went well. I couldn't find a receipt for a return I had. I created an extra trip for myself. Traffic didn't flow well. You get the picture.... 

But here's the neatest thing of all. I knew that I was responsible for every event I experienced. "I did that!" I thought. I knew that I was creating the whole thing. I knew that all I had to do was to change my thinking and that I could create something completely different. I knew that the Vortex was right there. I knew that Source was calling me. How cool is that??????????

After all this transpired, I decided to just chill. That's when I re-read an email from a wonderful friend and Abraham fan who thanked me for the last Vortex Diary, which she said reminded her to reach for a better-feeling thought when she was OOV. I had to laugh, because she was actually reminding me to do exactly the same thing. I replied to her and could feel my vibration lifting. Since I was chilling anyway, I surfed over to YouTube and picked out a Vortexchillin75 video. I thought from the title that it was one that I'd heard recently, but that I think is wonderful. It was the excerpt I'd expected. I was hurtled into the Vortex immediately. I knew the story that Abraham was about to tell and the mere anticipation of the pleasure of hearing it again intoxicated me. 

"I did that!" I thought as I basked and listened and practiced the vibration of the Vortex. It so supercharged me that I have typed this whole blogpost at superspeed and enjoyed every minute of it. Here's the story for your listening enjoyment:

Love ya'; mean it! Bye.

P.S. Fabulous partner returned home and we decided on the I'd fly if he'd buy arrangement for dinner. A lovely young woman (probably going into her freshman year  this fall) held the door open for me as I came into the restaurant. The equally lovely young woman who worked there delivered my to go order to my table rather than call out my number. The first young woman whispered to her younger brother as I received my order and he ran to the door to hold it open for me. Evidence of our improved vibration is always there if we care to notice. Thank you, garage sale gals, for the expansion. You're welcome, Universe, for all of us doing our parts to offer expansion to you.

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