Saturday, October 22, 2011

Abraham: Woke Up Laughing

I guess it's time to start saying "last summer".

I actually began laughing a good 15 minutes after I opened my eyes. I woke up fretting about something (blessed and now welcome contrast). I whooshed myself into the Vortex by doing a little Somatic Experiencing. I began by tracking the physical sensation associated with the fret. This I accomplished by visiting the constricted areas and watching those constrictions amplify momentarily, shift to other sites in my body, manifest myriad associated sensation and eventually dissolve, thus making way for the buzzing warmth that, in my body, signals and accompanies the basking "entering the Vortex" vibration.* 

Once I begin basking, my natural tendency is to start thinking of jokes--especially if I'm lying next to Fabulous Partner, who is an easy laugher on a weekend morning. I thought of wordplay that might amuse a 5th-grader and made myself laugh. I HAD to tell the newly hatched witticism to FP and, as expected, he tittered and giggled along with me. We spent the next half-hour or so in our jokefunlaugh Vortex that raised my vibration even higher. I puttered and appreciated my way through a delightful segment in the kitchen and brought my delicious coffee drink into the TV/Computer room. YouTube beckoned. I've kept myself so busy lately that I haven't kept up with my Abraham clip viewing. My neocortex, lovely and wise as it is, sometimes produces thoughts based on its love of novelty. Often when I see that someone has added clips from "old" Abraham workshops, I get a little crotchety (by the way, this is the word I woke up laughing about). I almost skipped the newest clips in the queue because they are from (GASP!) 2002. I'm really glad I didn't because I received some delightful evidence of my alignment. I mentioned that I've been busy lately and I have. I've also been in the Vortex as I've accomplished many wonderful things. Often as I'm getting ready for bed, I'll think, hey, I didn't meditate today. Sometimes I guilt myself just a bit even if I've had a great day. Thank you, Abraham, for reminding me (way back in 2002) that anything can be a meditation. I love this "new" definition they offer in this clip:
"Meditation is the process whereby you can teach yourself the vibration of connection."

I also love this amazing and clarifying clip from the same workshop:

I almost sold this little one-inch-tall penguin
at a garage sale. The woman wasn't willing to pay a dollar for it and I'm glad she didn't. I've had a lot of fun posing it with other tiny objects.

*I keep telling you that I'm working on sussing out the connection between the teachings of Abraham and Somatic Experiencing. Well, I received a block of thought recently that clarified this beautiful correlation, which I recognized on a cellular level yet could not quite articulate. I am currently joyously working on telling this juicy new story and will keep you updated. It's Super Neon Cool, people. The process I describe in the opening paragraph is part of the evolution of that story, so stay tuned.

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  1. I love the penguin and the soft edges of the photo and where one could go with crotchety and everything connecting and the moon at 6 am and the smell of bay leaves and the colors of fall and my home cooking and my friend the hummingbird and that you reminded me to say all this...