Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Abraham: Source Likes What It Creates

Madonna vision.

Several of you out there have recently heard me allude to some contrast I have experienced of late in regard to my creative endeavors. It came up last night in one of our fabulous local Abraham groups where the topic was financial well-being. I talked about the line in the Vortex meditation on finance which reminds us that we will know we have released resistance to our abundance when the success of another makes our heart sing. I absolutely love to look at the amazing things that others create--I find it stimulating and inspiring. When I'm in the Vortex I am thrilled for all those artists. I also recently shared with an Abraham friend about a painting project I'm working on. I returned a call from this friend after I had walked away from the task in frustration. I've been in the Vortex about this undertaking since I made the commitment to do this piece for a fundraiser. This project has taken many forms in my creative Vortex. At first, my ideas centered around collage, which is something I'm very comfortable doing. My approach eventually evolved into copying a painting and adding 3-D elements. The day I discussed this project with my friend, I had spent several hours recreating the painting. Even though I walked away from it somewhat pinched off, I did feel the reassuring presence of Source. My friend confirmed the message: leave it for now. When I returned for a look yesterday, I was very happy with what I had created and am eager to get back to work on it. And because I have a steady foothold in my creative Vortex, the Universe provided me with a customized message in the form of a YouTube video from the fabulous Beatrixme. In this clip Abraham speaks of the creative process in relation to the actual artistic manifestation which is very satisfying. But what's really satisfying to me is the elucidation of the creative process in relation to the business side of art. I'm not sure I've heard this question hit so head-on. Very satisfying and Vortexy to me. Life on the leading edge is so much fun. Thanks to all of you Abraham appreciators who read and comment and co-create in the expansion of the Universe!

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