Friday, May 27, 2011

Abraham: Cooperative Components: Friends, Brothers, Vibrationsrus,

A photo I took on Wednesday as I puttered in the Vortex.

After a delicious interaction with my friend last night, I have been mostly in the Vortex. I got to catch up with the wondrous life that she has created filled with love and exploration and expansion. And I got to relate stories I had not told her yet of the amazing relationship my brother and I have forged despite the fact that we reside thousands of miles apart. She helped me appreciate this huge gift with her reaction and appreciation of the stories I told. Really fun!

Today, it turns out, is the day we must choose the color for our kitchen and dining room. I started to do that thing that I do when I remembered that we can't get it wrong. I was in my car listening to the same CD (Mexican Riviera Cruise/2009) I've been listening to and, as usual, Abraham has sneaked in and added material that wasn't there before. I got swept into the Vortex and saw the most magnificent tree I've ever seen as if for the first time. It is gigantic and beautiful and it grows along a busy street and it's been there all along, I suspect. Or maybe I just created it (I did have access to the power that creates worlds, after all, since I was in the Vortex) so that I would have something gigantic and beautiful to appreciate. Either way, it caused a lovely swelling feeling in the region of my heart which I can feel right now as I see that gorgeous tree in my mind. I'm still in the Vortex, you see, because after getting swept in and after seeing such a gorgeous sight, I just milked it, baby. I milked it for all it is worth. 

I had already visited the paint store and found easy answers to all my questions. I had all my art journaling "equipment" with me and I decided to go to Borders and play for a while. Last time I was there I was OOV* and couldn't find even one new art or craft book. Today I pulled a stack so large, I could not get through it in one sitting (abundance). The first book I looked at and the first project I saw in that book hooked me. It was a little birdcage with a painted cardstock base and painted galvanized wires for the bars. I had recently attracted a set of watercolor pencils from a thrift store and I happened to have some watercolor paper with me and I began to play with those cooperative component. I even decided that I was going to draw that birdcage somehow and write down the instructions. I put my earphones on and cued up "Beyond Words", an incredible album by Bobby McFerrin. The cuts with Chick Corea are completely and unutterably Vortextual. Those musicians have given me hours and hours of easy entry into the Vortex with the cooperating that they are doing to create music that had never been before. Listen:

For me, music and making art go hand in hand. There is a synergy that occurs and I'm just sure I'm opening up new territory in my neocortex as my axons and dendrites learn and teach and make new connections. I'm reading that book on the brain and discovering so many fun facts: Each neuron has one axon (root) and up to 100,000 dendrites (branches). The axon sends information (teaches) and the dendrites receive information (learn). There are more ways to connect the neurons in  one brain than there are atoms in the Universe! (1) 


This book is 10 years old, but is dedicated to Temple Grandin and seems pretty interesting. I love to think about such things as I'm involved in a task. I love to think about thinking. I love to observe or reflect upon how my own brain works. When I'm learning anything I've set out to learn, I'm usually in the Vortex. But that's a tangent--I was writing about the synergy of music and making art. And Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea made it possible for me to draw that cage once, see the problems with that drawing and, because I was already in the Vortex and because I was milking it and because I had added the music, decide that it would be FUN and CHALLENGING to draw it over again. The neocortex loves nothing better than problem-solving. If we can avoid frustration (negative emotion), our thoughts don't drag us into old patterns and the positive, directed, focused thinking can come on like gangbusters. I had one weak little negative thought and then I was happily drawing my second birdcage. Here's what's so cool!!!! There was a problem with that drawing! When I began to apply metallic watercolor paint to the wires in the drawing, the India ink I had used began to run. It was kind of a neat little drawing. Another weak little negative thought tried to get my attention, but I was appreciating Chick Corea's amazing chord structures and progressions, and it just couldn't take root. I searched and found the one truly waterproof pen I had with me and I started again. By drawing the cage 3 times, I could probably build it in my sleep. In fact, I may dream about it tonight.

Here's the little cage I will be building.

Another reason I feel wonderful today, I believe, is that last night before beginning my slumber, I thought about who I would like at my round table to help me learn photography. (See Vortex Diary: Esme and Sofie/May 25, 2011/Invisible Counselor Technique) I decided to invite Henri Cartier-Bresson, Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, and my brother-in-law. I didn't use my new camera today, but I did take some pictures with my phone and they turned out well. 

But wait, there's more! My phone tweets when I get a notification (email, text, voicemail).  I received a nice surprise when I followed up on one tweet today. A wonderful YouTuber, vibrationsrus, had replied to a message I sent her about linking to her YouTube clip on May 18th ("OOVHissyFit" is what I called it in my tinyURL). It was a really nice reply and it led me to look at her channel and to find the following amazing clip that she posted today. I have actually heard a part of this excerpt before, or maybe I heard the whole thing, because I remember the question and the questioner. But today I heard it from the Vortex and it really hit me and answered so many of my questions:

I'm loving being a cooperative component in your quest to get into the Vortex, to stay in longer, and to start noticing all the evidence of your higher vibration. Life is supposed to be good and it begins with making peace with where we are by appreciating what is and being eager for more. My fabulous partner is in the next room playing guitar and I'm really appreciating that.

I grow weary. It's 10:10 PM and I haven't chosen a picture for this post yet. It's been a fabulous day and I think I might have enough energy to take the picture I'm envisioning.**

*OOV=Out of the Vortex
**I did take the picture of the cage I drew. But I did it this morning.

(1) Ratey, John G. 2001 A User's Guide to the Brain: Perception,                 Attention and the Four Theaters of the Brain. Pantheon Books, New York, NY.

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  1. Wow, Judy, thanks for sharing how your mind works in and out of vortex. Examples are so helpful to me. Love Temple Grandin's books and the film. Thanks for re-introducing me to Bobby McFerrin as well.

    Fabulous Saturday to us all!