Saturday, June 30, 2012

Abraham: Pre-Paving/Back Book Correction

The new pathway.
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Another beautiful day from my Vortex perspective. I am very much appreciating our slightly refrigerated summers here in Oregon lately. I am thrilled to report that I did some deep relaxation last night and my neck and shoulders are feeling grand. An extra-long luxurious sleep delivered a complex three-part triumph-over-peril dream. Many things nearly went afoul in this dream yet solutions materialized in each scenario. I awoke realigned and chipper. 

I had a chance to practice going general last night. I quickly became petulant when a subject about which I've practiced negative thinking was raised. I had already been doing a bit of sloppy thinking, so when I touched upon this subject--WHOOSH--I was in full-on activation. I made one derisive statement and instantly law of attraction provided another and another, a couple of which I voiced. After this bit of indulgence I withdrew from the conversation by saying, "You know what, I need to stop talking right now. I got very negative and I need to realign." 

In the moment I made those negative statements it really seemed I had no choice. I don't remember even thinking, "don't go there". It felt like I HAD to put my hand on the hot stove. But thanks to Abraham and Somatic Experiencing (and the myriad other modalities and methods that address brain and nervous system  function currently springing forth from the cosmos), I know that patterns can be changed. I know that the WHOOSH of activation I experienced is simply my primitive brain's beautiful 1/125th of a second hair trigger responding to a perceived threat. Many of our modern brains don't differentiate well between real and actual threat; thus we have dug many deep neural pathways for intense activation into our brains. By taking my hand off the burner, I jumped the neural groove and began firing and wiring other neurons into new patterns. I got off the subject and soothed myself with an "I don't have to think about this right now" statement and began activating other subjects. It didn't feel completely authentic, but I began by noticing the beautiful vegetation along a huge concrete wall. Then I looked at the sky and the clouds. My heart rate decreased. Muscles began to relax. Breathing slowed.

It occurs to me as I write, that the dream is a reflection of this incident. During both the incident and the dream, things looked dire initially but solutions were close at hand. Nothing like a little contrast to stir the pot, make life interesting and offer practice at being who we really are. This little incident took maybe 15 minutes. I got negative for less than three minutes before getting off the subject. My hand got a little red and there might be a few blisters. Next time I'll be probably be swifter still.

I love this Abraham clip:

**And in yesterday's post, I cited the wrong book. Here's the book I actually used:

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