Friday, July 27, 2012

Abraham: Jerry's Beautiful Death

Since Jerry Hicks' transition into non-physical last fall, many puzzled over the fact that Jerry died from disease in his body. How, some asked, could someone who had such direct, intense and repeated exposure to the teachings of Abraham manifest a fatal illness? While I, and many others, had a knowing that Jerry's transition was right and good--perfect, in fact, I never heard nor came up with a satisfying explanation. I knew that Jerry was human and experienced resistance that might manifest as illness, but I never got far beyond that milepost of understanding. I certainly reveled in the stories of Jerry's new non-physical presence and the ways he made himself known to Esther and many others. To have Jerry join the consciousness we call Abraham seemed like a pretty incredible special feature in this movie we call life. Yet every now and then I would wonder why Jerry didn't die peacefully in his sleep. And as is always the case, when we ask, the asking is answered. And, as always, Abraham answers in the most beautiful, moving and satisfying way. Listen:

For me, life is almost richer knowing that one of the premier askers of all time is now answering. We love you, Jerry, and thank you for your magnificent contribution to our knowing.

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  1. I love you Judy.Thank you for blogging about this important subject.