Saturday, December 1, 2012

Abraham: Shall I Sweep My Kitchen Or Be Swept (into the Vortex)?

With the help and encouragement of an Abraham friend, I am practicing the skill of doing nothing. I know it's not nothing to practice doing nothing, but it's a leap in the right direction.

I've allowed the peanut gallery--the "they" who tell me why, when and how to behave--to upload their interactive soundtrack into my brain. If I'm listening, it means I'm out of the Vortex.  So I hear them hissing their snide remarks about how I'm not measuring up, now am I? No, I'm not I silently agree. What should I do? 

Now here's the odd thing, it's never have a nap or turn up the music and paint a picture. Instead it's, "Look at that filthy scum around the knob on the stove. Get out the toothpicks, why don't you," or "Looks like monkeys cooked in here last night. Put everything away this minute so you can scrub down the counters and sweep this filthy kitchen floor." 

I've let the peanut gallery push me around far too much in the past. That's why I practicing getting into the Vortex and waiting for inspiration. When a voice pipes up, I shush it and and go general and then find something enjoyable to think about or do. Today I decided to listen to some Abraham on YouTube. As often happens when I'm being who I really am, the Universe gave me a lovely confirmation. Waiting for me, first in line on my YouTube subscription page was this delightful conversation aimed right at me. And it swept me right in:

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