Sunday, September 2, 2012

ABRAHAM: Tuning Up Our Grid


The blue moon on the brink of autumn offered yet another chance to marvel in appreciation of the heavens. As we glide into the next season I also appreciate the spiritual bounty of the last. And as always, I seek the excitement of the knowledge on the leading edge. At times that knowledge is wonderfully utilitarian. The following quote from the recent Seattle workshop jolted me pleasantly this morning. The emphasis is mine:

"...As you don't make a big hairy deal out of the things that are bothering you, and add emphasis to the things that are going well, let your work, your process, be more about making lists of positive aspects and....We would move from meditating--which is the most general thing that you can do with your mind--to making lists of positive aspects--which is the most specific thing you can do about those things that are important to you. And we would move back and forth between these processes and in doing so we would tune ourselves to the frequency of our Vortex. And then we would let the chips fall where they may. We would not try to control Law of attraction. We would not try to control other people. We would make a decision that we have a singular intent, and that is to be aware of, and therefore control, our vibrational output."

I love this formula and current evidence supports its efficacy. I put myself to bed this morning around 1 AM. As I lay there, I heard women singing in my head. 

I should note that while listening to a comedy podcast two days ago, I heard a beautiful Jean Ritchie song performed by Megan Mullaly, whom I adore. "Cool of the Day" lit up my music grid and made all the next logical steps perfectly clear:

a. listen to gorgeous song repeatedly 
b. sing along with gorgeous song repeatedly
c. decide to learn gorgeous song on the spot 
d. sing song wrong
e. sing song right
d. wash, rinse, repeat

This delicious detour led to other versions of the song:

I had to stop myself just now from listening to this Kith and Kin version, which I've already heard at least twenty times.

I sang the song again and again and sometimes the song sang me, which means I'm really in the Vortex. Long story short, I had just a few things I needed to accomplish that day and I let the song lead me anyway. It meant fabulous partner and I were late for a wonderful outdoor under-the-blue-moon-birthday-party, but it was fun late, not anxious late. And on the ride to the party, I began teaching the song to fabulous partner. 

So now it's been two days in the spell of the song and it plays its beguiling little tune as background music for almost everything. And there's synergy in creative pursuits. I sing, which makes me want to play with paints and paper, which makes me want to sing, which leads to writing in my journal, which leads me to more writing. So is it a surprise that as I trundle off to bed after applying color and words to paper for hours, that these women in my head would begin their song? I let the song lead me to the computer to record the fragment. And some harmonies. And to open other audio files and record new tracks. Two hours later I slept.

All of that glorious meandering is evidence of my connection and the firing up of my positive emotional grid through music. Discovering the wonderful YouTube clip and clearly hearing incredibly practical advice directly from infinite intelligence is more evidence yet. But I do adore witnessing really clear, almost instantaneous connections between adjusting my vibration and manifestation. This morning I noticed a little self-judgement after I spent another hour on my art journal. "You could have used that time to take some pictures for your Etsy shop," seemed to be the gist of the nagging. "Art journals and singing are all very nice, but they're not making you any money, now are they?"

"Nyah," I thought as I stuck my mental tongue out at the nagger, who is, by the by, ME. And it's just a subtle little voice. Just a practical suggestion, one might point out. But those subtle, insinuations, which I picked up from somewhere else, are like tiny pebbles in my shoe. If I don't stop to shake them out, they're going to bother me with each step I take. For me that meant taking some spiritual sustenance instead of dining on guilt.

So I listened to the beginning of the clip. Oh, here's a link to the whole clip:

I reveled in the experience of vibrating in a place where I could hear Abraham so clearly. I began transcribing the words. I began making a list of things that are going well. I sketched out the picture you see above. I delighted in the concept. My phone chimed to let me know that I had an email. Not a bit surprising is it? Just the next logical step. One of my Etsy items had sold.

Special thanks to Sharron, who told me that I needed to be blogging. And thanks also to Magi Rose, who posited on the subtle nature of "that thing that we do" and got me to attend to that little voice. Next time, I won't even need to stick out my tongue, will I?

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  1. Wow I love that song! I used to have a version of it sung by Lorraine Duisit(?). And, yes, you blogging is a very good thing. I am appreciating you and your blog!