Friday, January 18, 2013

Abraham: Lance Armstrong, Oprah, You Are Worthy Beyond Description

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Controversy entices me. The BIG stories turn my head and I feel the pull to take sides. Skilled at judgement from a lifetime of practice, I sometimes take pride in my facility at discernment. As I watched Oprah and Lance Armstrong sit together to speak yesterday, I found my sympathies conflicted. I tend to side with the underdog, so initially I identified with Armstrong. Vilification summons sympathy in me. I started getting my back up when Oprah went in for the kill. I found myself seeing her as a not-so-spiritual Oprah. Oprah, the journalist with the giant story. I watched my emotions roil as the waves of the story broke on the shores of my consciousness. I reflected on Oprah's position. I figured she felt she couldn't say no to this opportunity, but it was hard to hear this powerful woman invite shame upon this man. 

By the end, I loved them both very much. They are both incredible creators temporarily caught in extreme contrast. I doubt that either one is seeing themselves or the other through the eyes of Source. Armstrong says he is happier today than ever and I think that this is his call of Source. I would love to hear Oprah say that she knows that Lance is as wonderful a human as has ever lived, but it doesn't matter if she does, because I know Source sees him that way. I would love to hear Armstrong say that he is a worthy and lovable being just as he is, but it doesn't matter if he can see it, because Source can. I would love to hear Oprah say that this experience has led her to interview for purposes of upliftment only in the future, but even if she doesn't, that's okay. Whatever she does, I know that she is Source Energy in physical form and anything she does is fine. It's not for me to judge. This experience of falling in love with Oprah and Lance has lifted me into the Vortex where I see all contrast as beautiful. It reminds me that we are all in this together. There are no bullies, there are only those who vibrate at the same level and thus attract each to the other. And as they experience their co-creation, either may choose to focus in such a way that raises their vibration. The call of Source is always present; what is currently manifested is old news. We can choose to focus on the current manifestation, but if we want to change what is we must begin to tell a new story. I found this wonderful reminder today in the form of a rampage from Abraham. The title of this blogpost "You Are Worthy Beyond Description" comes from this clip from Zhanna Reiki's YouTube channel and I think you will enjoy it:

Thank you, Oprah Winfrey! Thank you, Lance Armstrong! Through you I found the opportunity to focus on seeing the world through the eyes of Source! I love the Vortex! I love contrast! 


  1. Judy, thank you for posting again! I have had a great week thus far, staying in the Vortex more than ever before. Being led to just the right thing to read, the perfect person to talk with, intuitive thoughts that are right on....WOW. Last night I used a coupon for a free yoga class at the "other" yoga location here in town. What an interesting experience! Contrast abounded. I found profound appreciation for my current yoga teacher, her teacher certification which keeps me safe, and the things she does to make the space and her classes fabulous. What a great service she provides. I am loving offering my vibration deliberately!

  2. You are so welcome! Glad you're having a fabulous week. I think you have a wonderful yoga teacher. Say hello to her for me.