Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abraham: Sick and Happy

An Artist Trading Card I made last year.

Jubilation and a runny nose may seem incompatible, yet here I sit manifesting both symptoms. Looking back on the day, I see that my ride on this revel began while I listened to some Abraham YouTube clips before sending the links to a friend. I had actually promised her clips I had seen previously in which Abraham addresses the subject of weight loss and food. I went to my YouTube subscription page to look for them and discovered that some just-as-spectacular newly uploaded clips awaited me. As I listened, a tickly warmth danced round inside me. Today, it turns out, I weigh one less pound that yesterday. And that one pound added to all the pounds I've lost since the end of 2011 totals 50 pounds! And it all started with Abraham. This clip sums up how I began:


The making peace aspect meant that I quit taking action and quit thinking about my weight. I appreciated myself daily. I found things about my body to love and revere. I waited for inspiration. I took inspired action and stayed open to more inspiration. I quit worrying about the outcome. At one point I stayed the same weight for over 4 months. I regrouped and made peace with that and waited for inspiration. Not at all coincidentally, I found a wonderful hypnotist who needed contact hours to obtain her degree and have been seeing her at no cost for several months. I began losing weight. 

During that 14 months, however, I would lose resistance and then gain it and my weight followed suit. When my action was not inspired, I would gain a pound or two. Then about a month ago, I found a process that is supercharging my efforts. My next blog post will address that topic.

Meanwhile, here's another fantastic Abraham clip on the subject:


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  1. Thank you, Judy---great stuff!