Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abraham-A 2-Focus-Wheel-Day

*The photo is one I took at the Sagrada Familia, the gigantic, unfinished Church in Barcelona designed by the phenomenal forward thinking architect, Antoni Gaudi. These are the pipes of the organ reflecting the stained-glass windows.

A focus wheel is a process designed to bridge a negative belief to a more positive belief on any subject about which you have resistance. It's a way to close the gap between where you currently are to where you have expanded to. So you write down the negative belief you have: "I don't have enough money."

On another piece of paper you put a circle in the middle and the improved belief for which you are reaching in that circle. You are always reaching for the improved feeling/improved vibration. because anything we want to do or be or have, we want because we believe it will make us feel better. So what feeling matches prosperity? Is it ease? Is it freedom? Is it fun? It depends on who you are. So you find a statement: "I want to feel the ease of having prosperity in my life," and put it into the middle of the focus wheel.

Then you find a statement that you believe that matches that feeling: "I know there are people who feel easy about money who once felt like I currently feel."

You choose statements that you resonate with that raise your vibration a little, you focus on those statements and in as little as 17 seconds you will begin attracting more thoughts like those. You choose thoughts you absolutely believe that don't give you any kind of uneasy feelings or--because I am a Somatic Experiencing practitioner--any uncomfortable sensations in your body. To put it more positively, does the statement cause pleasurable sensations? The first statement goes on the wheel. Templates and more info:

Abraham likens this process to getting onto a merry-go-round that's already spinning. A statement that you don't truly believe will not get you on the wheel. "I know that prosperity is just around the corner," would throw many people off in the bushes--it's too far a distance from the current belief and thus the gap is too big to bridge.

You do this until you have 12 statements on the wheel that you believe and that are aligned with the statement in the center. Things like, "I have experienced feeling ease about money in the past," "I know people who are prosperous and feel easy about money," "I believe that directing my thoughts can change my beliefs about money," "I feel more ease about money right now in this moment as I re-read these statements," and so on.

My first focus wheel took me about 45 minutes and I didn't do another one for a long time. This may be why I only stumbled into the Vortex now and again and why I was booted out so easily. I needed a little practice. Now focus wheels take me closer to 15 minutes and I find them to be tickets into the Vortex. I just heard on Disc 3 of the 2010 San Rafael seminar that Esther does thousands of focus wheels a year.

Okay, sidebar for a moment of synchronicity: I've been typing as my husband watched a movie he had DVR'd. He erased the movie and switched to live tv. The first thing I hear is from the speaker on the screen is, "You've got to have a focus..." Thanks, Universe, for confirming that the Vortex Diary is a good use of my time.

So, I meditated this morning and got into the Vortex. I had a lot going on today, and since I felt so wonderful after my 10-minute meditation, I almost stopped there. However, since I know that focus wheels stabilize my Vortex residency, I did a focus wheel. MMMM! It was so delicious and I had worked myself up so far on the emotional scale, I decided to introduce a subject that spits me out of the Vortex regularly.

The statement in the middle was, "I lovingly do not give a rip what anyone thinks about me."

That was a fun focus wheel and I felt really, really stable in the Vortex. Off I went onto my adventure. They say that things go better for you when you're in the Vortex--that things line up and that life is easier. I knew I was going to be a little late for my first appointment. And when I started to feel a throbbing tightness in my chest and began to hurry and felt that negative thoughts were in the vicinity, I soothed myself with statements like, "Time is irrelevant in the Vortex," and "Things always work out for me," and "What others think of me is none of my business."

It turned out that being 15 minutes late was not an issue at all. Had I been anxious and begun speeding to make up the time, I might have lined up with a ticket. I saw 3 people pulled over on the freeway.

I made my way through a pleasant few hours until I was to pick up my son and found myself with about 30 minutes to spare. I decided to follow my impulses and stop somewhere to get something to drink or to pick up some things I needed. I was taking a different route than usual to my son's house and I realized that I was going to be passing New Seasons. Well, it was Christmas Eve Eve and the traffic was heavy and the parking lot was full of double parked and circling cars. But, remember, I was in the Vortex, so I wasn't worried. I navigated to the one empty spot which seemed to be invisible to the the circlers. Thank you, Universe, I appreciate that, I thought. Two women smiled and greeted me as I made my way into the store. I wandered the perimeter of the store and enjoyed some terrific food samples. I found a ginger cake with a lemon glaze on sale. I knew my husband and I would enjoy this after Christmas Eve dinner and I thought that it would be even better with whipped cream. I started to grab an 8 oz. container and notice that there's an organic one on sale for an even lower price. I meandered to produce. Now while I was meandering and wandering, nothing stood in my way. The store was extremely crowded and I noticed others being blocked and having to squeeze through the aisles, but that was not my experience. After gazing at the beautiful fruits and vegetables for a moment, I decided on two plump Satsumas with glossy leaves still attached. Just then a young girl plopped a big bag of cucumbers into a cart parked next to me. Oh, yes, I thought, I want to get my green juice ingredients: cucumbers, celery and kale. Thanks, Universe, for the reminder. At that point I was carrying my purchases and now I needed a basket. As I walked out of the produce area, an employee approached to ask if I was ready to check out. No, I said, I'm looking for a basket. Another staff person just happened to be walking by with a stack of baskets so I didn't even have to go to the front of the store.

It turned out that celery $.79/lb and cucumbers were at least a half-dollar cheaper than what I usually pay. And the kale at New Seasons was absolutely beautiful, and again, cost less than I usually pay.

As I got in line to check out, another register opened up and I was able to check out quickly. I wheeled my goodies to my car and noticed an actual traffic jam in the parking lot. There was a string of about 5 cars clogging one lane of the lot and others waiting to enter from the street were actually blocking my car. No one was moving, it seemed. I unloaded my groceries and ran my cart back to the store. By the time I returned, the lot was clear and off I went. Total time elapsed: 24 minutes. I got to my son's house 5 minutes early!

Yay! I love the Vortex and I love Abraham. And two focus wheels really revved up my day and the San Rafael workshop is amazing.

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  1. Hi, Judy. I am still reading this one over several days. It's so "pregnant" with stuff that I am resonating with. Thank you so much for flowing with your Vortex and sharing this. I went to the link you posted for focus blocks and was amazed at the ease I felt listening to the author talk about his own process doing focus wheels. I didn't do them much when Abraham started using them a few years ago because they never flowed for me, but I feel differently now - thanks to my own vibe and your blogging. More most definitely later..... Great appreciation.