Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Abraham-Hello From The Vortex

(I'm not sure what's going on with the differing text sizes, but it just won't cooperate right now. But that's okay, I'm still in the Vortex.)

I LOVE Abraham!!! I am all about Abraham.

There is great love for you here, Abraham.

I first heard the words of Abraham channeled through our beloved Esther Hicks's vocal cords about 4 years ago, I believe. While I am a lifelong seeker, I rejected the esoteric arts as a young woman because I didn't want to be like my mother. In fact, I remember hearing in the late 80's that there was this woman who channeled nonphysical beings who called themselves Abraham and I thought, "HOGWASH!"

After 2 intense years of trauma renegotiation through my beloved modality Somatic Experiencing, I had a series of spiritual breakthroughs and experienced states of reawakening. I credit SE with that gift of reconnection and I will definitely be posting about SE, because I see some definite parallels between the teachings of Abraham and Somatic Experiencing. Eventually I formed a Sixth Sensory group loosely based upon the Sonia Choquette model for meetings to connect with your tribe, as she terms it. I came away from that two year experience with a LOT of knowledge, some very good friends and some very wonderful acquaintances. But the biggest gift was my true introduction to the teachings of Abraham. The Secret was the big phenom of the moment and after I did some internal eye-rolling, I decided to check out Abraham. Hay House Radio was free in those days and the Hicks's had their own show which I downloaded late one night before thought I was going to bed around midnight. I thought I'd listen for just a minute, but Esther's voice and the amazing material was just too compelling. Covered in goosebumps and feeling very happy, I instantly entered the Vortex. I had very little material to work with then--I wasn't a subscriber, I didn't own a book--so I would sometimes copy down parts of the seminars that seemed applicable. I even copied down pages and pages in an attempt to grasp and hold onto the teachings. It felt slippery to me. I'd hear a brilliant idea and I'd vow that I was going to practice it only to forget. One of the first things I remember doing, which I still use today, is to catch myself in the middle of a negative thought, and say, "Oh, I'm doing that thing that I do (that keeps me from connecting to source). Aren't I precious?" This still works for me.

And while I listened to Abraham (pretty much daily), and thought about Abraham (a LOT), it has taken me a while to really get it. I am really getting it now. In the past I hoped to get into the Vortex. Now I get into the Vortex purposefully almost every day and I'm staying in for longer and longer. So many amazing things have occurred since I've known Abraham (just got back from Europe!), but now that I am deliberately getting in, I see that the Universe is delivering me all kinds of cool things (signs, messages, gifts, compliments, encounters, premonitions, hunches, new friends, and best of all FUN). I've been casually documenting these occurrences, but I had the idea of blogging from the Vortex and about the Vortex and Vortex Diary seemed like a very good title. I'm also planning to create another Twitter account if I can do that (?) in addition to my current JudyFrida Twitter identity. I plan to call that Notes From the Vortex.

So, here's my first diary entry:
I meditated for 10 minutes last week after I'd schlumped around out of the Vortex mostly for a full day or two (aren't I precious?). My timer went off and I realized that I was on the edge of the Vortex, but just not quite in. I looked at my mantel area which I have decorated with many beautiful things. I saw the pair of white porcelain hands I have carefully arranged on either side of a black clock. "Mmmmm," I thought, "look at those hands. They are so beautiful," and boom, there I was in the Vortex. I had a phenomenal day and just milked being "in".

The next day I went swimming in the Vortex. I had meditated and done a focus wheel in the morning and I was solidly in by the time I got to the pool. I love the water and my usual routine is a half hour of laps and 15 minutes of water weights. And often I'm the only one doing laps for more than 10 minutes, but on my vortextual visit that day, there was a woman who had brought her own mat for stretching; she had fins, good goggles, and a pull buoy. She was there to do LAPS. Cool, I thought, I'll bet she's a good swimmer. She was. She got into the pool about 2 minutes before I did and when I reached the end of my usual 30 minutes, she was still swimming. Hmmm, I wonder how long she's gonna swim. Since I was in the Vortex, I felt like I could swim forever, and I decided to match her. We swam for about 15 more minutes and I started doing my water weights. She was at the other end of the pool doing some stretches and I was observing. At one point she pressed her hands flat against the wall just above the waterline as she submerged her head and body for about a minute. Inside my chest arose a pink frothy wave of joy. Her hands were placed in exactly the same configuration as those porcelain hands on my mantle. Such a lovely sign from the Universe, which I took to mean, "Keep it up, kiddo, you're doing very well."

Thanks, Abraham!

P.S. I had to move the hands off the mantel shelf to get a decent pic, though it got dark while I was posting.

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