Monday, January 3, 2011

Abraham-Callback Number 4

The amazing Lila Downs.
This link will take you to one of Lila Downs' wonderful songs. The link showed up on my Twitter stream and I was delighted to see this cool video. There's a bit of a Mexican theme today, so this seems apt:

Here's a little story about what I term a "callback". Okay, so if you've been following the Vortex Diary, you may remember that the first post was about meditating and getting just to the edge of the Vortex only to be swept in by the appreciation of some porcelain hands on my mantle. A day or two later, I blogged about seeing a woman at the pool arranging her hands just so in a position that mimicked that of the porcelain hands exactly. That was callback Number 1. A callback, for me, is when the Universe lines up a little happening--a little coincidence--that only you would notice, that says to you, "You're doing very well," and reminds you to notice your alignment and to celebrate it. Esther Hicks loves to see the numbers on clocks and speedometers line up as does my friend with whom I had lunch today (I'll wind back around to that in a moment). I love those little signs and feel happy when they happen. 

After I wrote about the hands, a friend of mine told me that her sister and her brother-in-law, also friends, had been reading and enjoying the Vortex Diary, and that her brother-in-law's mind was a little blown by story of the lady in the pool arranging her hands just so. He, it seems, had been swimming in another pool on that same day, and had seen a woman do this same rather unusual exercise and arrange her hands just so. Now I had never seen anyone do this--place hands palm-down on the edge of the pool right above the waterline and then go underwater--and I've been going to public pools for decades, so it was quite a coincidence for two people to see this in one day. Callback Number 2.

On Christmas day, my partner gave me some lovely things, but maybe the sweetest thing he gave me was Callback Number 3. While looking through my extensive collection of greeting cards for one to send to his dad, he came across a card that I bought at least five years ago. I actually bought two of them because I thought they were so beautiful. He pulled it out and gave it to me because he knew the story of the porcelain hands and the just so hands at the pool. This card pictures the palms of a pair of hands arranged just so, and he was struck by the coincidence and wanted to share that with me. Thank you, honey.

Many times in the last few months, my partner and I have talked about stopping at a Mexican restaurant we pass en route to 24 Hour Fitness (or 24/7 as my partner now refers to it). We finally got around to it yesterday afternoon. (For locals, it's called Habanero and is located in the mini-mall at Hawthorne and Center.) The first thing I noticed was the cute decor--contemporary and tasteful--and the second thing I noticed was that behind the counter was a wonderful friend I'd lost contact with after I quit teaching full-time. She and I had worked in the same building for three years and really appreciated each other. We stayed in touch for some time but got out of each other's orbits and hadn't seen one another for quite some time. I think about her every single day, because she gave me two beautiful objects from Mexico for my mantle--a painting and a mask, and the painting is directly across from the chair where I meditate. She and her husband made this cool little restaurant together and the food is really, really good. She told me that she was hoping to build up their business and I, of course, told her to hold that vision.

I went right home yesterday and emailed all my friends in town and recommended the restaurant. One of my very good friends responded and suggested having lunch today. The idea of great food and great company was an easy yes. We met and ordered and as we chatted about the blog, I told my friend about Callback Number 2: my friend seeing a completely different swimmer in another pool arranging her hands just so. We got our wonderful meal and kept chatting. I was happy to see that while it wasn't busy in the restaurant, there was a steady trickle of customers. As it turned out, one of the customers was another friend I'd emailed the night before who was in the neighborhood and stopped in. What I didn't realize at the moment was that this friend is the wife of Mr. Callback Number 2 and I'd been talking about them just moments before she showed up in the flesh. I'd say that's Callback Number 4, wouldn't you?

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