Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Abraham-Vortextual Day

Gluten-free (!) pizza at a great restaurant in Paderno, Italy.

Our favorite paella. We ate this during a
wonderful Vortextual date in Madrid.

I had a lovely day yesterday (Monday, January 4) doing laundry and putzing around and swimming and getting groceries and THEN....

I had agreed to a task that I thought might be tough to stay in the Vortex around. It was a co-creative kind of a task and was not one I looked forward to. It took a few minutes, but I got spit out of the Vortex (OOV) into some uncomfortable rumination and activation at bedtime. That's all of the story I will tell other than to estimate that I was OOV for a good hour. Here's what's SOOOOO fantastic. Even with all that activation, I remembered to say things like, "I'm having a Step 1 moment that's going to make Steps 2 and 3 even bigger and even better," "I'm having a clarifying moment," "What is it that I want here?" How cool is that? Then when I couldn't get to sleep right away, I just kept thinking soothing thoughts and soon I was in the Vortex again and off to sleep. I had a great day at work even with some overflowed cakes, which caused some odors in the ovens. Young cooks learning some basics. The kids were great--I got to chat and build relationships and just enjoy those high schoolers. Fun times. 

Work was just a half-day and I was off to Portland to have lunch with a friend. Not only is she more stunning than ever, she has a passion for "the transformation of consciousness", as she puts it. She and I can talk Abraham at a level that I find really, really fun. She is also very cognizant of the huge shift that is happening in the psychotheraputic world and I enjoyed collecting book titles from her. A very enjoyable experience.

Then I went to see Braco, the Croation "gazer". Very interesting. Pretty positive. I had some interesting physical responses. I could definitely feel a lot of energy in the room and I appreciated many things about the whole experience. There is a wise guy that lives inside me who sometimes tries to make me laugh when things are supposed to be serious--I got kicked out of a Mormon church service I attended with two of my girlfriends when I was 13 for laughing--and I had a couple of those moments, but I really liked it overall. I had some lovely conversations with people around me. One man had died and come back and had out-of-body experiences. One beautiful, spirited woman with pink hair was just a delight to chat with. I met a couple of Abraham people. Fun.

I managed to squeeze in a couple of trips to places where I resell items I've collected. I got primo parking places at the height of rush hour. I tried routes that allowed me to move unimpeded to my various destinations. When I arrived I was first or second in line. All day long, things just worked out. I didn't get to do absolutely everything that I wanted to do, but it was a good day and I got home by 9 PM.

And the OOV subject? No charge in that for me today--it just had no juice, no electricity in it. I did discuss it briefly and mid-topic I thought, hmmmm, why would I focus on this? I quickly switched topics and got out of that stream of thought. I was just Step 1-ing a little, and creating an even juicier Vortex. No regrets. No-fault universe. I had managed to figure out a lovely solution even amidst all the contrast and look forward to applying that solution soon. 

Tangent: We've begun watching "I Am Love"/"Io Sono L'Amore" with Tilda Swinton. In the film she just ate a meal prepared for her by her son's friend, an experimenteur gastronomique, I would call him. She is eating the shrimp and vegetables dish he has made for her (very cutting edge, sculptural work-of-art food). In this scene, she is swept into the Vortex as she eats and it is a sight to behold. 

Enjoy your Vortex! 


  1. so love reading your posts hope to catch up with you in the new year!

  2. oh my god I love that movie, I Am Love! Great post, Judy, keep em comin!