Friday, January 7, 2011

Abraham-Late Night Vortex

Really cool lounge chairs at the Frankfurt airport. And that's my carry-on, which I always see in my mind's eye as "carrion". The word, not the luggage.

Yeah, I don't think I should be up at 11:49 starting to blog, either, but here I am. I worked two half days in a row--both cooking classes and got off work around 3 today. I had done a lot of cleaning at home in the morning after I meditated, so I'd been on my feet from about 7-10, then went to work and stood from 11-3 and went shopping until 5, so I now realize I was on my feet for 10 hours straight. No wonder my dogs were barking. I couldn't swim until at least 7 because of a water aerobics class that uses the whole pool and dinner was important and my partner made a wonderful roasted pepper and tofu dish with cumin, and perfectly roasted some halved potatoes (Vortex food), which we ate around 6:30. I ate moderately, but wasn't feeling the pool right after I ate. 

Besides, we had to finish "Io Sono L'Amore", which was absolutely spectacular! I would call this a film, not a movie. There is a scene where Tilda Swinton is walking through San Remo in an orange dress that matches the begonias that match the car parked on the street. Then a woman passes through the frame in fuschia dress that matches the geraniums and all this is in contrast with the gorgeous stone buildings that are very lovingly shot. Oh, my! Vortex-worthy mise-en-scene. And the sex scenes: FANTASTICALLY VORTEXY SEXY. I like it when a director shows as much of the man's body as the woman's. I watched "Io Sono L'Amore" twice (the second time to see what the director was doing) and I will rent it again to get another impression and to watch the special features, which I did not have time for. I hope there is a director-narrated version, because that will be Vortex material, indeed. To see pictures of director, Luca Guadagnino, Edoardo Gabriellini and Ms. Swinton, go here:

So, all of me got in the Vortex except my feet. (I'm claiming an in-the-Vortex status, because I heard on an Abraham CD that it's good to do that even if you're in and out or on the edge. Just claim it. I like that.) I don't know if I'm working tomorrow, but up to now when my feet hurt at night and I don't do something, they kinda don't feel their prime in the morning. But, I didn't really want to go to all the trouble of getting to the pool. My partner and I had been chatting and time was slipping by and I was yawning and feeling very beddish. But then it dawned upon me that the video was due tonight before midnight and the video store is right across the street from the pool. I did some mental gymnastics and fought the idea of going swimming so late, but I really did have the desire for the feeling of being in the water and experiencing its silky envelopment. My partner and I negotiated a bit and then I gave in to the call of the water and off I went, reaching the water at exactly 10 PM. I love it when I start my exercise exactly on the hour, too. I find it very aligning. 

It took me a while to warm up. My shoulders and back were actually chilly as I swam, but the water began working its magic on me. I've recently been able to get back to doing the crawl and that is such a gift. I've been doing mainly kicking in the last several months and an interesting stroke I learned from an Olympic swimmer from the 1940's who lifeguarded at the downtown Portland YWCA decades back. It's a butterfly kick with breast stroke arms and it's a really cool stroke. I was the only swimmer and the only pool occupant until 30 minutes into my routine when a guy got in and did a walking workout. I had brought my Yoga Toes with me:

and would normally put them on in the hot tub. I haven't used them in a long time--I sometimes forget I have them--and the hot tub use is how I've always done it in the past. But I had a brainstorm while I swam. I could actually wear them while I did my water weights. I have tried to wear them while I swim, but they fall off. I like to wear them for about a half-hour because my feet look so aligned for some time afterward and also feel really good. So I did wear them standing up in the pool; I kept them on as I walked to the hot tub and since I was the only person in the hot tub, I left the jets off and just floated in the warmth. I wear my goggles so I can completely relax without water in my eyes and I can just let my body go. Vortex!

So now it's even later and I'm going to go now. But first I wanted to mention some little things that happened in the last week that I found Vortextual:

-an incredible salmon and pink sunset showing through bare black trees 

-a student who had given me a hard time before winter break giving me a side hug when I passed on a compliment from one of his teachers

-a very funny Craigslist ad title: "Need to published your work in online? here! (salem)" 

-8 hawks on the way to Portland yesterday--8 hawks!

-a marbled pink, blue, gray sky above me at the Keizer mall today

-in general, laughing at my own jokes, like right now when I was editing this post and re-read the last sentence in the caption on the lounge chair photo. And the joke came about as the result of an earlier edit and I laughed both times.

Oh, life is so good, isn't it?

A Madrid street performer who would fit nicely into the lounge chairs in Frankfurt.

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