Saturday, May 21, 2011

Abraham: A Hurricane of Grace

One of the first photos taken with the camera I got for my birthday. I played with it a little in Photoshop and was totally in the Vortex while I worked on it.

Sometimes you start out a Saturday pretty darned well by going out to breakfast with your beloved partner and his brother who's visiting from out-of-state. And then you've got to get home and get ready for your very favorite monthly event: the local Law of Attraction meetup and you do that. And on the drive over you start imagining how much fun it's going to be and you find yourself right there in the Vortex. And then you have a really nice meeting and you get to chat with folks afterward and that's really fun, too. And you've taken some of the flyers for the meeting with the intention of putting one up wherever you can. And you take a route home that you can't even remember right now and you drive by a sign that proclaims:


and you think, hey, maybe they'll have some hellebores that you forgot to look for the day before in the bigger city to the north. And you've been looking for these hellebores, these old-fashioned plants AKA Lenten roses, and you haven't been able to locate them, but you've got the article about them in your purse so that you'll know the names of the ones you're looking for, but you'll take anything you can get at this point because you've just got to have some; you're craving some because your front garden beds are pretty shady and a little bare and need some more blooming things ALWAYS! And you drive past the sign thinking, oh, they probably don't have any hellebores, no one has any right now, but then you see the LOA flyers printed on pink and green polka-dot bordered paper, and suddenly your car is turning left to find the place where the sale is.

And you pull into the very full parking lot and you get out of your car and you grab a flyer just in case there's somewhere to hang it and you start walking to what looks like a tiny little plant sale because all you can see from a distance is one stand with some plants on it. But as you get closer and you see what's actually there, your heart lifts a little because there are actually a couple of stands and some tables and there are plants everywhere. And the sale is wrapping up but still a lady or two is there to help you and you say you're looking for hellebores and they lead you to six little plants taken from one man's yard and you ask about colors and he says what he dug up were plants whose parents sported white blossoms and red but who knows what the bees did and so you buy three and they cost you only one dollar each. And you let the lady know you're looking for shade tolerant plants and she sees some things and so do you and everything is one or two or three dollars and these are big plants that would set you back six or seven dollars in most stores. And you even find a hebe and an elderberry (BEAUTIFUL plants) in 5-gallon pots that would easily cost you twenty dollars or more anywhere and they're only five dollars!!! And you're freaking out because you've got such beautiful plants and now you're surrounded by garden club members and they're all smiling because you're so happy and one of them says, I think we need this lady to join our club! And they slip an invitation in with your pots. And you spend a measly twenty-three dollars and your car is full and you see your LOA flyer is there amongst your plants as you pay for them and you think:


And then you get home and your sweet partner is napping on the living room couch and you put on a nice warm sweatshirt and settle down with your lovely laptop and for no apparent reason decide to look at Facebook even though you think you don't like it all that much and you see all your Abraham friends and one of them has this  video:

And you remember how funny your son was at that age and how wonderful he is these days and how much you love him.

And another Facebook friend has this Abraham/music mashup and you decide to give it a listen:

And you listen to it again. And again. And then you get so inspired you decide to blog. And you think you're just going to put the links on your blog and then let people know you blogged, but then you think about what a freakin' stellar day it's turned out to be that you just start writing, just because....


And now your Vortex includes a blogpost and wow!!!! 


  1. What a great story!! And beautiful photo. Thanks!

  2. Haha Love it... I love the way the Law of Attraction works :)