Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Abraham: Esme & Sofie

I almost let these little chicas get away without a picture. I was unloading plants from my car and was aligned with their journey down my street with their dad. I begged for una foto and ran into my house for my new camera. I am very glad that I did.

As I've mentioned before, I have the gift of allowing incredible stuff into my life. I often hear a call to a particular store only to wander around and wonder what exactly it is I'm there to find. Sometimes just as I'm about to give up, I find the object that is valuable or interesting or fulfills a purpose of some kind (that's how I found a vase that I sold for $700). That's also how I recently came across "A User's Guide to the Brain: Perception, Attention and the Four Theaters of the Brain" by John J. Ratey. In the intro, Ratey writes about Temple Grandin, the renowned inventor, professor and doctor of animal science who is also autistic. I have always been fascinated by this incredible woman and have wanted to understand how her brain operates. In the book, the author relates the story of how Grandin went to a Safeway store and practiced going into the automatic doors repeatedly. She kept this up for weeks until she knew how to do it "normally". The point Ratey is making is that during this type of skill building or training period, our neocortex will actually enlarge during the practice of the skill. After the skill is learned, its control is relegated to another, less crucial region of the brain because it's become more automated. Someone sent me a link to a really cool video on Napolean Hill ("Think and Grow Rich"):

I started thinking of all those I would like to have around my table. Stevie Wonder, for sure. Probably Oprah. And then, because I'd been reading the brain book, I started thinking in terms of skills I'd like to "learn" from the collective consciousness. Photography came to mind, film making and editing, painting, etc. 

I had also pulled some old Abraham CD's out to take to my car and I chose one randomly as I was driving around this week. It turned out to be about dreams (Mexican Riviera Cruise/2009, I believe). Abraham suggests that upon awakening, we ask ourselves, "Did I dream?" and "Was it a pleasant or an dream?" If the dream was pleasant and empowering, we can take that to be an indicator that we are doing well in the area that the dream refers to. If it's unpleasant, we can simply understand that this is an area in which we need to lower our resistance or create more allowance. So we might want to do a focus wheel or the like to create the allowing. 
As I fell asleep the other night, I imagined a few of the people I'd like for advisors, but just for a moment. That's me being a cooperative component in experiencing the integration of the information I'd gathered, which led me to this dream:

I have found a lovely boiled or felted wool garment or blanket which I have decided to make into other things. It is an amazing green color and has many inclusions such as small trees, twigs, tiny blue robin's egg shell fragments, beautiful stones, etc. It resembles a mossy forest floor and I am cutting it up to make pillows. I have a large pair of sharp scissors and as I'm cutting I'm imagining the beautiful and useful cushions that will result. I cut many pieces as I envision my creations. There is plenty of fabric to share. In fact the supply seems limitless. A distant acquaintance whom in my waking life I perceive as critical of me (a little snipey) and very worried about the spiritual path that others are choosing for themselves (a reflection of myself gifted to me by the Universe) is watching me as I work with this abundant supply of green. She comments on the fact that I am not measuring. I think for a moment and then answer confidently that I don't need to measure, because I'm in the Vortex. I offer to share with her as soon as I am finished cutting this one piece. My scissors are huge and I'm cutting and cutting and cutting as I chat with her, but the piece seems to have no end. For a moment, I begin to do that thing that I do. That thing takes me out of the moment, that doubts, that worries what others will think, that judges me, that tells me I might be making a mistake--that I'm probably doing it wrong, that forgets how lovely it is to accept that I am where I am, that stops me from allowing in all the bounty that is in my Vortex, and that temporarily cuts me off from my connection with Source. I just keep cutting and listening for that soft and gentle call of Source that says, "It's all right. All is well. Goodness abounds. The Universe is on your side. Things always work out for me."

And as I relax a bit and let myself just observe the scissors cutting and cutting and cutting some more, I know that I will arrive at the end of the forest floor fabric and I do. I get there and all is well.

When I awaken from the dream I lay in my bed for a bit and basked. I did not analyze the dream at the time, I simply experienced the feeling of it in my body. I also basked in the knowledge that I am "Abraham-ing" in my dreams. I've done this before, but it's been quite some time, so it's good to know that I am applying these teachings in both realms of reality. As I've let the dream steep in my neocortex, I've found a wonderful message of abundance and acceptance is there for me. "You never get it wrong and you never get it done," comes to mind. What a lovely thing to say to myself in my sleep.

As I puttered through my morning yesterday I accomplished a great deal. Each time I felt myself revving into motivation, I'd stop and remember the dream and wander back to seeking inspiration. I got really excited as I cleaned my bathroom, because I saw so many opportunities for pictures. I grabbed my camera, and even though the I was in the middle of cleaning, I stopped and took those pictures. The day brought me many other gifts, one of which was lining up with the beautiful little souls you see in the picture. You can imagine my delight in seeing those beautiful girls coming down my street in that little car with their father lovingly guiding them along sheerly in the pursuit of joy. That's alignment. That's the Vortex. 

Another Vortextual note:
I'm beginning to hear from my readers in comments and emails and it is DELIGHTFUL. I am thrilled to hear that this blog is affecting people in positive ways. Please know that your comments are VERY much appreciated and that they add fuel to my blogging fire. I am also discovering other bloggers out there who are focusing on the Vortex and on Abraham. One of them is YouTuber, The Happy Jackster, a lovely soul named Jacqueline Paesano from the UK. Here is her blog:


Okay, I am in this moment experiencing a really nice pairing of synchronous events. As I was about to end the post, I felt it would be nice to include another YouTube link. I went to my subscriptions page and noticed that Homebuiltindoorplane has uploaded a couple of clips while I've been writing. Yikes! One of them is entitled "She Wants To Know What Seeing 13 Hawks Is All About". The blog readers who've been with me from the beginning may recall a post from December that I called "The Twelve Hawks Of Christmas":
I loved the coincidence of finding an Abraham clip from one of my favorite YouTubers that is so close to something I've written about. Well, I thought, this is just too rich, I'm going to post this without even hearing it--just because. As I wrote the first line of this little tangent, I decided to document the time. Right after I wrote the words "in this moment", I looked at the time. As yet another indicator of alignment, the Universe gave me a little digital wink from the corner of my computer. "It's 10:10 AM," it giggled.

"I did that!" I replied. Let's see what Abraham says about 13 hawks:


  1. Judy, what a wonderful photo of those little girls! Love their expressions. Thank you for sharing the Happy Jackster. Love your blog. I am now ready to enjoy the day and get in the Vortex as much as I can today!


  2. Thanks again. The detailed description of your beautiful thought process is inspiring.

  3. Hey Judy, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today, jam packed full of interesting, thought provoking content. I know you were in a really good place when you wrote this :-)

    I was so interested in learning about Napolean Hill's "Invisible counsellors" and am ultra interested in dreams! I have worked the nightshift and when I awoke a short time ago I made sure to ask myself what was my dream and how did it feel...lately, my dreams have been highlighting my current daily frustrations (something I'm working on) but I have been making extra effort to get myself into a more peaceful and appreciative state before sleep and what a difference! Todays dream said what's the date? My dream reply was 30th December why? I DO NOT KNOW! Maybe it will make sense all in good time :-)