Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Abraham: Mind Blown By 13 Hawks

A stack of bathroom Bakelite.

Well, I've never done this before, but I'm blogging about the my last blogpost published just an hour ago or so. I am still in the Vortex and still in comfy warm clothes because construction guys are letting plaster on arch and sheet rock dry and so I'm alone in my house (a rare event during the remodel). I finally surfed back to Homebuiltindoorplane's YouTube clip about the 13 hawks and began listening. I'm just tickled that the whole excerpt is about alignment, cooperative components, gifts from the Universe and lining up with deliciousness all day every day. That lines up so sublimely with today's post and with the impulse to add the link to the 13 hawks without listening to it first. It's just more goosebumpy goodness directly from Source. AND it give me a reason to show one of the photos I took in my bathroom yesterday. It's all so much fun. Leaves me, as anonymous commenter said on one of the posts, appreciating what is and eager for more. Loving this day (I've been tweeting and keep leaving out pronouns) and wish the same for you all!!!

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